"15 October 2004" Archive

Requirement of Type Approval Certificate in terms of Import Licensing Note No. (7) to Chapter 87 of the ITC(HS) Classificationof Export and Import items, 2004-2009

Policy Circular No. 05/2004-2009 (15/10/2004)

It is hereby clarified that the Type Approval Certificate is required to be issued as per EEC directive 70/156/EEC by one of the testing agencies notified in Policy Circular No.26 dated 9.2.2004. For the European Union, a certificate from the country of origin need not be insisted upon. However, the certificate must come from a signatory ...

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Notification No. 06 (RE-2004)/2004-2009, Dated: 15.10.2004

Notification No. 06 (RE-2004)/2004-2009 (15/10/2004)

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 and 2.29 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby make the following amendment in Schedule - 2 of ITC(HS) Classification of Exports and Imports 2004-2009....

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Notification No. 259/2004-Income Tax Dated 15/10/2004

Notification No. 259/2004-Income Tax (15/10/2004)

Notification No. 259-Income Tax Income Tax Notification No: 259 (15-Oct-04) Section 10(23C)(iv) notifies the Foundation Aga Khan, New Delhi In exercise of powers conferred by the sub-clause (iv) of clause (23C) of section 10 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby notifies the "Foundation Aga Khan, New Delh...

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Public Notice No. 17 /2004-2009, Dated: 15.10.2004

Public Notice No. 17 /2004-2009 (15/10/2004)

Clearance of Capital Goods including second hand in DTA shall be allowed as per the Policy under EPCG Scheme. In other cases, clearance in DTA may be allowed on payment of applicable duty and Import Policy in force on the date of such clearance....

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Public Notice No. 16 /2004-09, Dated: 15.10.2004

Public Notice No. 16 /2004-09 (15/10/2004)

Copy of the contract between the importer and the exporter stipulating that the consignment does not contain any type of arms, ammunition, mines, shells, cartridges, radio active contaminated, or any other explosive material in any form either used or otherwise....

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