Date : Nov 13, 2016

Don’t draw and hoard; enough cash in small denominations available at RBI and banks: RBI

The Reserve Bank assures members of the public that enough cash in small denominations is also available at the Reserve Bank and banks. The Reserve Bank urges that public need not be anxious; need not come over to banks repeatedly to draw and hoard; Cash is available when they need it.

Alpana Killawala
Principal Adviser

Press Release : 2016-2017/1194

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One response to “Enough cash in small denominations with RBI and banks: RBI”

  1. Y R Desai says:

    If so, on 13-11-2016 why the co op banks [SVC, NKGSB] in Mumbai suburb [Goregaon W] expressed their inability to exchange 500/1000 notes to all those who were in que at the time the branch was opened? Why per person withdrawal from account was capped at Rs 2000/- only maximum in a day? Some other co op bank exchanged only Rs 2000/- per person. Long que was there at Nationalised bank.

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