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We are aware that recently TRACES enabled its online correction utility and seized downloading of conso files where the statement contained unmatched challans. It has caused inconvenience to many for the reasons stated below :

a) It blocked the statements where returns were uploaded the same day after making online payments. Challans are usually updated within 72 hours, but it was found that TRACES processed the return with defauts of short payment even before the challans could be updated.  When tried to down load conso file, it blocked the request and watned first to match the otherwise correct challan………..

No help is available on TRACES as to how to resolve.

b) It also blocked the statement which contained only row(s) of NIL Challan, treating them as unmatched. NIL Challan Rows could be for

(i) the statement contained deductee details pertaining to transporter only, where “T” Flag has been raised (ii) the statement contained deductee details pertaining to 15G/15H where “B” flag has been raised and/or (iii) the statement contained deductee details pertaining to such payments where no tax has been deducted for the reasons that the amount paid fall below the Threshhold limit and “Y” flag has been correctely raised.

I have raised a querry at TRACES which is reproduced below for which the reply of TRACES is awaited.  Members may share if any other resolution is possible.

“System is not allowing download in case of unmatched challans, but in case of statements that contains only rows of NIL Challan for the reasons that either “T” or “B” or “Y” flag has been raised, such challans with NIL Values should be considered as unmatched and conso files be made available for download.”

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    In Article for point (a), there may be chances when challan is updated before the return get processed then there shall be no default.
    Otherwise there is online correction utility on TRACES for free of cost.

  2. kailash goyal says:

    Dear Sir ,

    traces site also not permitts modification if by mistake challan amount is mentioned in other column at the time of submision of return . In what regim we are living that for petty correction we have to beg to the departement without solution . Should business man or consultant face such petty issues and waste the national resouces ? god help us

  3. Mitesh Doshi says:

    Dear Chugh Sir,

    You have raised the correct concern to Traces and have hit the right nail.. I have thought of a work around for the same.. What if prepare a 10 rupee challan and replace the details with NIL challan…? I think the same can work for NIL challans.. Have not tried it with Traces but I think this can work..
    Please share your views..
    CA. Mitesh Doshi

  4. Ashok Jain says:

    Dear Sir,

    Same problem we have to Revised the Return but TRACES not allowing due to unmatched NIL Challan. Also No response from TRACES Team.

    Wht to do now????????

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