What is the need of Correction?

The following are the some of the reasons behind for TDS corrections.

> Wrong PAN Number for Employee or Dedcutee update in TDS Statement

> Short Deduction or Excess deduction of TDS amount

> Excess or Short utilization of Challan amount

> Mentioning Wrong details for LDC Number or LDC rate.

> Desire to Change in Date of Deduction or Date of credit for TDS amount.

Mentioning Wrong details for Challan.

TDS Correction can be done in two ways

√ Online

√ Offline

Steps for TDS correction return filing

1. Check the defaults raised for the quarter after the regular statement is filed. Checking can be possible through Quarterly Statement Status after 3 working days of return filing.

2. To know on the actual defaults that are raised, request and download the Justification Report from TRACES.

3. Read the Justification Report and identify the defaults that are raised for the statement.

4. On knowing the defaults, select the type of correction to be filed.

The types of correction return filing are:

a. Online Correction: Correction filed through TRACES

b. Offline Correction: Correction filed through Software

Online correction

The steps to file online correction is given in the following:

a. Request for online correction: Place the request for online correction through the Request online correction option given in TRACES login.

b. Do the required changes: Do the relevant corrections as identified in the Justification Report.

c. Submit the correction: After completing the process of correction, submit the corrections for final processing by TRACES.

d. Track the correction filed: Once you file the correction, check the status of the statement filed for any defaults.

Offline correction

All types of corrections except Addition of New challan can be done through offline correction. This mode of correction is generally used when the digital signature is not registered in TRACES login for doing online correction.

The steps to file offline correction is as given in the following:

a. The consolidated statement or the Conso file has to be requested and then downloaded from the TRACES website

b. The Conso file downloaded from TRACES has to be Import to the software used for correction return filing like Winman or Saral TDS etc.

c. Do the relevant corrections as identified in the Justification Report.

d. Generate the output files required to be filed or be uploaded to the ITD website.

e. The filing of correction return will be done similar to the filing of regular return filing.

f. Once you file the correction, check the status of the statement filed for any defaults.

Points to be know :

> You can file Correction return any number of times and there is no time limit for correction return filing

> Filing of online correction is not possible if the regular statement previously filed as a paper return.

> If the TAN in the statement filed is wrong, then contact the concerned Assessing officer for correction in TAN

> Addition of new challan correction can be possible only through online correction mode.

> Below given are the details of corrections in online category

Add new challan Add challan to statement No
Challan is unmatched Challan correction No
To clear interest and late fee demand payment Pay 220, interest, levy, late filling No
To update PAN PAN correction Yes
To update personal details Personal information Yes
To add/modify deductee row Add/Modify deductee details Yes
To modify salary
Add or delete salary details Yes

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