You might be facing below issue while you are requesting for online Correction on TRACES for FY prior to FY 2011-12

“Online correction on TRACES is not enabled for the requested statement.

Kindly file correction through NSDL and the subsequent correction can be filed on TRACES “

The reason behind this error is, earlier to FY 2011-12 TDS returns database was maintained with NSDL and from FY 2010-11 onwards, TRACES – TDS CPC is maintaining and processing TDS Returns, some of the data prior to FY 2011-12 was not migrated into TRACES – TDS CPC.

For FY earlier to FY 2011-12, TRACES does not have copy of the returns filed in its database. So, it will not allow us to file correction statement online as there is no database of Original return filed for respective FY.

So, If we file correction statement now through NSDL TIN FC, then data will be migrated into TRACES and subsequent correction request can be filed on TRACES.

And Addition/deletion of Challans through Offline RPU utility has been disabled,  Addition/deletion of challans can be done through Online correction only.

So, for FY earlier to FY 2011-12, first we needs to file Correction statement through NSDL TIN FC and  once it is processed successfully we can request for Online correction and Challans can be altered accordingly.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article have been prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions, and information available at the time of preparation. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and the author does not take any responsibility and cannot guarantee that no inaccuracy occurs. 

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  1. Kavitha B N says:

    We need to file correction statement for FY 2011-12, for that we need conso file, for downloading conso file we need provisional receipt number. We have lost provisional receipt number. Please suggest us to get Provisional Receipt Number.

    1. Askar Ali says:

      If you use DSC, even without provisional receipt no. you can give request for conso file.

      Normally traces will ask FY, Quarter & Form No. etc.,

  2. Kshitij says:

    we have an unclaimed challan for FY 2011-12 however when we to any qtr in 2012-13 to add this challan, FY 2011-12 is not shown as POP UP, basically -1 option is not available. Any way around this, by the way we do have option of +1/ -1 in other remaining financial year

  3. JAGADEESH says:

    I have the case have same issue, So, If we file correction statement now through NSDL TIN FC, then data will be migrated into TRACES, for that we need conso file for correction. I am not able to download conso file or request for online /or offline correction.

  4. Uday Aggarwal says:

    Hi, very good article. I have a question related to TDS. Consider the following situation.

    I am an employer, I deducted TDS of one of my two employees “Mr A” in December 2012 amounting to Rs 4000 and filed the return on time successfully only to find out later in 2018 that the PAN quoted in the return actually belonged to “Mr B”, the second employee. Meanwhile “Mr A” had already filed his return on time and claimed a refund of the whole amount.

    However “Mr B” wants the mistake to be rectified as the money belongs to him.

    Now the questions are:

    1) If I revise the return today, will the amount of TDS of Rs 4000 show up in Mr B’s 26AS.
    2) If yes, will B be able to claim the same as a refund. Let us say he can, how will he revise his own income tax return assuming the limit of section 154 is exhausted.
    3) What about the amount that Mr A already had claimed as a refund earlier. shall a demand be raised against him?

    1. B Vinay Reddy says:

      Hi Mr.Uday Aggarwal,
      Thanks on reading my article.

      The answer to your Q.1 is YES
      And Mr.A/Mr.B cannot revise the return now, as assesment of their ITR has been completed.
      But, after revising TDS Returns, the MAY got notice from the CPC for Mr.A asking him to pay the demand & to Mr.B for issuing refund.

      B Vinay Reddy

  5. B Vinay Reddy says:

    You can post your queries related to TDS return filing & TRACES Issues etc., here.

    B Vinay Reddy,
    +91 756 9989 230,

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