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Issue Of Extension Of Time For Filling Tax Audit Reports alongwith Statement Of Accounts & Income Tax Return (ITR)

There has been much controversy over the above issue. Much complications have taken place in comparison to earlier years in respect of filling of Audit Reports and as well as Income Tax Return. Some years ago, in the tax audit cases, the due date for filling was October which was reduced to September. Tax- payers are complying to the requirements introduced every year otherwise they are forced to pay penalties.

This year Forms (ITR) were introduced very late with added features. In many part of the country, there remains power cuttings and inherent problems. There is three days bank holiday i.e. on 25, 26, 27 September 2015.  Also, at the last dates there remain problems of server and internet applications. Last year many problems came in this respect and date was extended. This year, the due date has been extended upto 7/09/2015 in respect of 31/08/2015 filling of returns.

CBDT should look into practical problems and ground realities. The writs filed for extension of time in different High Courts of India is, in fact, the demand for justice in this respect. It is true that many asseessees start preparing their papers very late but simultaneously the Income Tax Department should be friendly to the tax-payers.

“Law is a living organism and its utility depends on its vitality and ability to serve as the sustaining pillar of society. Contours of law in an evolving society must constantly keep changing as civilization and culture advances………………If law is to adapt itself to the needs of the changing society, it must be flexible and adaptable”

(Justice K. Ramaswamy in Madhu Kishwar vs. State of Bihar (1996) 5 SCC 125 (para 37).

Keep Checking the below page for  Status of various Petitions in High Courts for Extension of Tax Audit Due Date –

Tax Audit Date Extension- Status of High Courts Appeals

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0 responses to “Issue of Extension of Time For Filling Tax Audit Reports & ITR”

  1. nabaraj parajuli says:

    sir how can i get in touch with you.

  2. anjan bagchi says:


  3. govind prasad garg says:

    C.A. Fraternity should be united and all CA must decice not to do single Tax audit in India against coercive action of Government

    • CA SAURABH KUMAR says:

      Dear All,

      We always see that Doctors & Advocates go on Strike .Why Should not we Go on strike rather than approaching Court . WE should down our pen and not to sign the tar ICAI should give instruction to members not to sign and go on strike.

  4. CA Seshadri says:

    CBDT should really demonstrate by action that it is genuinely Tax payer friendly.

  5. GRA says:

    Well said Sir ,but will the outdated unprofessional people listen? It is the fate of our nation that unprofessional people are ruling and spoiling the growth and development !

    • HARIOM SHARMA says:

      Yes GRA Ji,

      The rules should be for human welfare if it does not affect any loss to Government.

    • Naveen says:

      issue is genuine, however ‘out dated’, ‘unprofessional’ etc etc
      why you people, so called professionals go there to make India grow and develop

      • Naveen says:

        * your concern is genuine,
        however ‘out dated’, ‘unprofessional’ etc etc for them

        why you people, so called professionals, don’t go there to make India grow and develop

    • Naveen says:

      your concern is genuine,
      however ‘out dated’, ‘unprofessional’ etc etc for them

      why you people, so called professionals, don’t go there to make India grow and develop

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