CA Sharad Jain

CA Sharad Jain

INTRODUCTION : Tax audit season is near. Successful completion of all the tax audit assignments in our office within a time limit requires lot of efforts, monitoring and planning.

Every tax audit assignment involves numerous steps since commencement to its completion. Further, during tax audit season, various tax audit assignments remains in process in our offices at a similar point of time. Similarly, various staff persons remains involved in doing different steps of tax audit work.

In such a situation it becomes very difficult for us to keep track of work done and work pending in respect of each and tax audit assignments of the office. To facilitate in handling such a situation the EXCEL SHEET OFFICE MANAGEMENT TOOL TAX MANAGER is prepared and upgraded up to Version 1.6.

This tool facilitate the “AT A GLANCE” and overall view of  work done and work pending in respect of each and every audit assignment.


This is simple and mostly requires only selection of answers from the given menu the appropriate answer for each step.

All the columns are not required to be filled. Those columns which are not required by the user can be hided.

First macros are required to be enabled to run this tool.

FROM WHERE IT CAN BE OBTAINED : It is attached here and can be downloaded and used easily.

Download Excel Sheet Office Management Tool for Tax Audits

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