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0 responses to “Download Income tax Calculator for Financial year 1997-98 to 2014-15”

  1. SK DEWAN says:

    I need a software for entering data for sale and purchase of stocks, I do delivery based as well as intra day. is there any software available with you, wherein I can put data , it should deduct STT as per IT rules and calculate , LTCG/ STCG as per IT rules and should have provision for changing brokerage for intraday as well as delivery based, as this varies from client to client .


  2. Vasudeo patil says:

    This income tax calculator
    very useful.

  3. rashesh parikh says:

    Please send me calculator for the arrears in salary from 1997 to 2014-15.

  4. Y.Kanakamahalakshmi says:

    Thank you for Income Tax Calculator

  5. Janak V Dalal says:

    Good. There are many calculators. But this gives calculation 1979-98 onwards till date. Thanks

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