As per the government wish National E-Way Bill is implemented in all over India from 1st Feb-2018 for interstate transaction, and around 13 states also implemented Intra-state E-Way system from 1st feb-2018 on believing that portal developed by NIC can handle the load of whole India.

As everybody knows the situation of E-way Bills today, it all stopped the movement of goods throughout India due to non availability of connectivity of NIC developed E-Way Bill Portal resulted huge loss to the trade and industry also loss of crores of Man Hours wasted in struggling with the National E-Way Portal. Ultimately Movement of Goods has been Stopped today due to non availability of E-Way Bill.

I can’t believe that person sitting in NIC is not in position to estimate capacity of server required to implement E-Way System in India.

As per alexa, Average Daily Visitors of different websites are give below:

  1. is 2.90 Lakh
  2. is 23.35 Lakh
  3. comtax Eway Bill Portal 0.08 Lakh

As there are around 1 Cr. Business registered under GST and for every invoice exceeding 50,000 required Eway bill and as per Government Estimates their Eway Bill Portal can handle 50 Lakh bills per day.

Estimates of GSTN CEO in the Month of April:

Statement given on 27th April-2017 by of CEO of GSTN to media that GST Portal is ready to handle 3 Billion (300 Crores) invoices of 8 Million (80 Lakh) Tax payers.

If we analyse the above statement of GSTN CEO we find that as per their estimate daily they expect to upload 10 Crore Invoices per day on GST Portal for 80 Lakh Tax Payers.

As against the estimate of GSTN CEO their system get crashed on every month as it is not able to handle such transaction which they estimated. There is another excuse which may be given by technical team of GSTN that they developed the system in view of 80 Lakh Tax payers whereas at present there are around 1 Crore Tax Payers.

Now the statement given by GSTN CEO on 16th Jan-2018 that e-way bill system is designed to handle around 50 lakhs e-way bills per day. It seems that they are not properly analysing their own estimates as stated in the month of April they expected 300 Crores Invoices in a month i.e. 10 crore Invoices in a day and GST portal was developed in view of this capacity crashed and india is forced to file GSTR-3B every month actually due to the incapacity of GSTN and government Machinery.

When they are there is load of more than 10 Crore Invoices per days as per the statement of GSTN CEO how it can be possible to RUN E-way Bill system to work with daily invoice capacity of 50 Lakh Invoice Per day. It seems that E-Way Bill System is introduced in india with the 5% Capacity of NIC E-Way Portal and just defaming Government for way of Implementation of any system in india without any proper preparation.

Worst Part:  To implement any new project in India is a difficult task as compared to  other countries but the main problem is that not learning from the lesson of past is worst part. We could have learn and prepare for Eway bill System from the past implementation of IRCTC and GST portal before imposing the E-Way System in india as Analysing the requirement of tax payers and own capacity is not a big task but i think it was not properly done. This resulted in millions of loss of highly qualified man hours of India, but who cares???

Suggestion:  I have lot of suggestions to the government but who cares for my suggestion; they will do what they want. And finally come with a Date Extension Notification for E-Way Bill System.

Our Businessmen, Professionals and Government officers will be celebrating the Extension after few hours.

“E-Way Bill implementation ki date Extend Hone par Lakh Lakh Badhaiyan in Advance…”

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One response to “National E-Way System is total Failure”

  1. Sandeep Nayak says:

    Dear Himanshu,

    Thank you for the article. Clearly talks about the issue behind the failure. Even for that fact the GST implementation was also a failure in the initial days. Seriously the IT team behind it should have done some rigorous homework before putting the system on live.

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