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A lease is a contractual arrangement between Owner (lessor) & user (lessee) whereby one party, the lessor, grants the right to use a particular assets (such as a parcel of land, building, equipment, or machinery etc) for a specific period and under specified conditions to the other party, the lessee.

Leases are broadly classified into two categories :

1) Finance Lease

Finance lease is relatively for a longer period which is sufficient to amortise the capital invested by the lessor (owner) & leave some profit. It involves transfer of all risk & rewards associated with the ownership of assets to the lessee but the title may or may not be transferred at the end of lease period.

2) Operating Lease/Service lease/Maintenance lease

Operating lease is relatively for a short period of time. The lease period is shorter than economic life of the assets. Operating lease require the lessor to maintain & service the leased assets.

The taxable event in GST is  “supply” of goods or services or both. So a transaction to become taxable it must covers within the meaning & scope of “supply”

As per Sec 7 of the CGST Act, 2017, the expression supply includes all forms of supply of goods or services or both such as sale, transfer, barter, exchange, licence, rental, lease or disposal made or agreed to be made for a consideration by a person in the course or furtherance of business;

As per Sec 2(83). “outward supply” in relation to a taxable person, means supply of goods or services or both, whether by sale, transfer, barter, exchange, licence, rental, lease or disposal or any other mode, made or agreed to be made by such person in the course or furtherance of business.

From the above discussion, it is cleared that the term “lease” is covered within the meaning & scope of “supply” and it is a taxable supply.

The term lease has not been defined anywhere in GST Act or Rules. To classify a lease transaction as either supply of goods or supply of service, we have to refer  Schedule II of the CGST Act, 2017 where in clear guidelines for classification of a  transaction as either “supply of goods” or “supply of services” has been enumerated, based on certain parameters :-

1) Any transfer of the title in goods is a supply of goods;

2) Any transfer of right in goods or of undivided share in goods without the transfer of title thereof, is a supply of services;

3) Any transfer of title in goods under an agreement which stipulates that property in goods shall pass at a future date upon payment of full consideration as agreed, is a supply of goods.

4) Any lease, tenancy, easement, licence to occupy land is a supply of services;

5) Any lease or letting out of the building including a commercial, industrial or residential complex for business or commerce, either wholly or partly, is a supply of services.

From the above it can be infer that GST does not differentiate between Finance & Operating Leases. What is important is whether “transfer of title” involves in the lease transactions or not.

a) If the lease agreement stipulates transfer of title : Supply of goods

b) If the lease agreement does not stipulates transfer of title : Supply of services

Note : A mere option to buy the assets at the end of lease period will not cover within the meaning of “Transfer of Title”.

GST Rates on Lease transactions

1) lease of industrial plots, provided by the State Government Industrial Development Corporations or Undertakings to industrial units- Nil Rate

2) Leasing of Agro Machinery/ Vacant land     – Nil Rate

3) GST on Lease transactions which will be covered under the category of “Supply of Services” shall be chargeable at same rate as on supply of similar goods.

Sl No. Description of Service Rate
01 Transfer of the right to use any goods for any purpose (whether or not for a specified period) Same rate of GST and compensation cess as on supply of similar goods
02 Any transfer of right in goods or of undivided share in goods without the transfer of title thereof Same rate of GST and compensation cess as on supply of similar goods

4) Notification No. 37/2017-Central Tax (Rate) Dated 13th October 2017

In respect of Vehicles purchased and leased prior to July 1, 2017, GST rate on such transaction shall be  65% of the GST rate (including compensation cess) applicable on similar kind of vehicle. These rates would apply for a period of three years with effect from 1st July 2017, i.e up to 30th June 2020.

5) Leasing of aircrafts under Schedule II [5 (f)] by a scheduled airlines for scheduled operations- 5%

*The Author is a Fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India , New Delhi & Fellow member of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Kolkata and can be reached at gstresolve@gmail.com, WhatsApp 9805072910

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  1. soniya says:

    Is the GST applicable to the lessee and the sub-lessee in case a commercial property is leased with the authority to sub-lease the same and the rent received on sub-lease to be enjoyed by the lessee

  2. Inder Pal says:

    Whether GST is payable on payment of lease rent for a flat, of which advance is already made( Cost of flat). If yes, then at what rate GST will be charged?

    1. Mahadevan says:

      It depends on whether the flat is let out for commercial purpose/residential purpose.
      Commercial purpose-yes taxable.
      Residential purpose-Nope. Not taxable.
      If advance is recd. yes it can be taxed depending on the interpretation.
      You can mail-mahadevanb1994@gmail.com in case of further queries

  3. MANISH GARG says:

    A Multipurpose Co-operative Society registered under GST supplying both taxable and tax free items is also giving some agricultural machinery (e.g Tractor) on rent to villagers, So my question is whether GST is to be charged on rent receivable ?and if yes at what rate and whether Society is eligible to claim ITC on machinery that is given on rent?

  4. Shriram Shevde says:

    Dear sir

    We are planning lease rights of one of pvt ltd
    Company the land snd building dhed is belong to M zI D C for 99 year lease we are buyi it after paying primium to MI D C is this transaction attract GST if so then can get credit of same pl reply

  5. Rajinder Ghai says:

    Kindly help me out by resolving the issue “as to whether any gst is payable on conversion (improvement) of title of land under a house [(already allotted to me on lease hold basis for 99 years by Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) – a Govt. organisation (like DDA in Delhi)] from lease-hold to free-hold’ since 18% gst has been demanded by CHB on conversion (of title of land) charges ?

  6. PRAKASHAN MD says:

    I am leasing out a building for business purpose.I want to register a lease deed in sub registrar office. The monthly lease rent is Rs.25000. Should I take SGT on this rent for calculating AAR( Average Annual Rent). Lease period is 15 yrs with 5% increment on rent every year.

  7. VENKAT says:


    We are planning to purchase colour tinting machines and install the same at our dealer points.The machines are capitalised in our books. After a specified short period of time 4years we shall transfer the titile thru. sale to the dealer at some value.

    Whether ITC credit on this we can avail at the time of procurement.
    GST implicationin at the time of shifting the title to the dealers.

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