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Fill GST ITC-04 using Offline Tool

Details of inputs or capital goods sent and received back from the job worker need to be furnished by the taxpayers on a quarterly basis, in Form GST ITC-04. For preparing and uploading this statement, an excel offline tool has been made available on GST Portal. This offline tool can be ac­cessed at “Download” section of GST portal.

The ITC-04 can be filled only using this Offline tool. Please fill data in excel offline tool, create json and then upload using `Prepare Offline’ button on GST portal (Return>ITC Forms>ITC04).

After successful uploading, use the other button ‘Initiate filing’ to sign and file the statement using DSC or EVC, as applicable.

Fill GST ITC-04 using Offline Tool

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One response to “How to Fill GST ITC-04 using Offline Tool”

  1. Prashant kapoor says:

    Where is it appearing in GST Portal?
    There is no link as you mentioned Returns> ITC forms > ITC-04

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