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Its 1st April 2021. Start of new FY. However, Compliances of FY 20-21  will conclude in APRIL-2021. Here are Things you should share with your clients in APRIL FIRST WEEK for changes / compliances of APRIL 2021. It’s Important for FY 2020-21 as well as FY 2021-22.


♦ Composition clients –

details for CMP 8 of Q4 as well as full year FY 20-21 details for GSTR 4 (Annual return)

♦ ALL NORMAL GST clients –

HSN code /  SAC code on tax invoice related guidance

5 crore above 6 digits 5 crore below 4 digits from 01-04-2021

Currently Monthly Clients

Ask for March GSTR 1 and 3B

it is advised to file GSTR 3B & 1 after checking comparison on GST site FOR FY 20-21..If any mismatch then Please solve in GSTR 1 or/and 3B of March..

Currently QRMP clients

Ask for Quarterly GSTR 3B and Quarterly GSTR 1
Remember to ask full Q4 details in 1 & 3B

Also it is advised to file GSTR 3B & 1 after checking comparison on GST site FOR FY 20-21..If any mismatch then Please  solve in GSTR 1 or/and 3B of March..

♦ 50 crore above GST clients

enablement of E-INVOICE & Guidance to generate e-INVOICE FROM 1ST April 2021

♦ 5 crore below GST clients –

selection for QRMP.. Opt in or Opt out to be done after carefully  evaluating & discussing with Each client for FY 21-22..

♦ Export clients

Apply for LUT FOR FY 21-22


TDS Clients 20-21 – pay TDS for March 2021
TCS clients 20-21  – Pay TCS for March 2021
TCS clients –  TO> 10 CR above Discuss about how TCS to be collected in FY 21-22

April Due dates for Both Income Tax and GST

11 April GSTR 1 monthly of March 30 April GSTR 4 for FY 19-20
13 April GSTR 1 Quarterly of Q4 30 April Opting or Opt out QRMP
18 April CMP 8 of  Q4 30 April TDS / TCS for Q4 payment
20 April GSTR 3B monthly of March 30 April for Form 15G /15H
22 April GSTR 3B quarterly of Q4 I hope I am not missing anything

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