This article is meant for the ‘startups’ who wish to enter into the market after having the sound business plan and wants to raise the funds for bringing their plans into reality. But the first step in order to approach is preparing the ‘Investor pitch deck’.

What is “Investor pitch deck”

Have you completed with market research and ready to start with the innovative idea


 Feel that you’re ready to raise funds for your business

Alright! Now you need to prepare your sound business model and realistic future plans  and showcase your company’s ideas, product, and technology through presentation to the investors in support of your need for investment.

Startups prepare a “pitch deck” to present their business plan to prospective venture capital investors.

Investors  who will be ready to invest in your business will also raise questions such as:

  • Why Your Startup Is Different and unique?
  • Why You’re a Solid Investment for them?
  • How they know that You’re Credible and
  • How They Can Trust You?

In order to be answerable for above questions, it’s crucial for the startup to nails its ”investor pitch deck” which  should highlight your Company’s strength.  It consists of 15-20 slides of PowerPoint presentation.

Why startups needs to prepare pitch deck

If you need to raise funding from Venture capitalists for your startup, the first step is to create a pitch deck i.e., a brief presentation that provides investors with an overview of your business model so it is imperative for the startups to be strategic in their approach and must have deep understanding of dynamic market and competition

For plunging into the market for startups, funds are needed to turn their business ideas into reality. Funds requirement may vary but mainly funds are required for setting up office, increasing their range of products and services, buying machineries, paying rents, etc.

Generally new business has to face entry barriers like government policies, competition, economies of scale etc. So, funding from the venture capitalists in India can really make their way.

Preparing Investor Pitch Decks

According to market statistics, nine out of 10 startups fail, because of not being able to have sound business model and lack of presentation.

So below are some of the crucial points to remember for framing the precise Pitch deck.

  • Company overview: Summarising about the business, location etc should be covered up in the slides
  • Company’s purpose and vision: Explain why the business exist, the purpose of their formation
  • Team: Pitch deck should explain about the team who is going to work upon the business model
  • Problems and solution: Explaining about the problems the customers are facing and how you are going to resolve those issues
  • Products: Summarising about what your company’s product or service consists of and why it is unique
  • Financials: Explaining company’s current financial situation but don’t provide excessive financial details in the presentation, as that can be provided in a follow-up.
  • Competitors: The Company’s competitors will always be an issue to investors. So you should explain who are the company’s competitors
  • Technology: The slide of pitch deck should cover company’s basic technology backbone, Key intellectual property rights
  • Business model: Before investing Investors will definitely wants to understand your business model
  • Marketing Plan: Good marketing plan to get customers or user is always needed,  so pitch deck should cover what key marketing channels will you use.

The content of the article is prepared on personal basis. Any suggestions are welcome to increase the effectiveness of the article.

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