In this busy arena of the world, most of us get stressful and exhausted after completing number of assignments, meetings or by running a business with numerous events.  Due to which we won’t be able to give a quality time to our family, children and ultimately miss  a precious part of life.

But good news is that there are some ways to know first-hand to make sure we  don’t find our self helpless, irritable, and unhappy.

1. Eating healthy and nutritious

Losing the nutritious diet drains our energy. It’s necessary to fuel our engine. Our body needs nutrients for energy and our brain needs nutrients to be active.

2. Cleaning up the mess and incomplete task.

We must take time to make a list of things which are undone in our different areas of life. The things that wake us at night or something which catches out thoughts in the middle of the day, basically distracting  us.

Maybe it’s a conversation we need to have, an important work that is hanging over our head, people and relationships that are incomplete or need attention in our life or whatever it is. Undone stuff are like  the invisible monkeys on our backs, that over time create a level of stress that we unconsciously start to tolerate.

Once we have become clear in our head,  we can easily prioritize the work  and check that in what order we will be going to handle these stressors.

The goal is to have an environment both mentally and physically clean, calm.  This is something that is easy to put off but so important to handle.

3. Having set of clear defined goals.

When person knows exactly what are my aims and what am I going to target he is clear with his vision and will work accordingly.

The more specific, the more likely we are to achieve them, and the easier it is to chunk them down. With the clarity of goals,  it  will be easier  break down the goals by ascertaining  “What would actually be required for me to achieve this goal? How many hours would it take?”

4. Delegating the work

There’s nothing wrong in reaching out to people for help or letting someone else to take care of work who is an expert at something. It’ll be the best use of our time and it will enable us to do more of the work we enjoy.

5. Saying ‘NO’

It seems like everyone wants a piece of you. Ultimately, we have the power to say NO to others, and keep our goals as our priority.

“No” is a complete sentence. We know when to say NO. Anything that brings me down, or that bring me farther away from my goals.

6. Meditating

By just giving 10-15 minutes of deep disconnection to our body from the external environment will help our body to relax and rejuvenate. Our mind will feel lighter.

7. Getting the sleep

To relax our body we need to have to give it rest. Few minutes of meditation, a good sleep will do wonder to our well being.

P.S. Above are the tips taken from “America’s #1 Success Coach ,”Jack Canfield.

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