Introduction- Human being have a basic nature of complaining  and blaming situations, circumstances and people when things go wrong because it’s quite easy to point others and safeguard ourselves. Pointing ourselves would require change and we human are reluctant to change. Isn’t this happens to most of us. If you are relating to this. I Hope this article would be helpful in deepening your understanding.

The day you change your responses is the day your life will begin to get better.

Things won’t get better with the same level of thinking that created them. ALBERT EINSTEIN


Let’s understand this more deeply. When human complain about something , they believe that something better exists. Better home, better comforts, better salary, money, more fun etc. If they didn’t believe that something or someone is better is this universe they would not complain.

We would understand this better by looking at things we can’t change. Do we complain that why earth is round, why sun is hot, why humans die, why things fell down and not up, because we know that it’s a fact and we can’t change it. We know that there exists gravity which makes things fell, we know that the earth, sun is a natural thing, seasons change, human body changes.  We accept it. We know that complaining them couldn’t be changed.

The situations human complain about are the situations they can change—but they have chosen not to. They can get a better job, better business, better team, better lifestyle, better health, better relations.

All of these things would require YOU to change.

But why we human do not change?  Because changing involves risk,  fear. Risk of losing job and being unemployed, risk of being judged, risk of being wrong, risk of being alone and so on. It will be uncomfortable and uneasy for us. So, to avoid risking any of those uncomfortable feelings and experiences, we just stay put and complain about it.


We should either accept that we are making the choice to stay where we are or we should take responsibility for our choices, and stop complaining. We should take the risk of creating our life exactly the way we want.

If we want to get closer to our dreams we have to  take that risk.

So make the decision to stop complaining, to stop spending time with complainers, and get on with creating the life of your dreams. We can learn to replace COMPLAINING with MAKING REQUESTS and taking actions which are in tune with our goals.

If we find ourselves in a situation we don’t like, we have a choice to either work to make it better or leave. We have a choice to do something to change it and getting out of it.

Don’t just sit there and complain, do something. And remember, its up to us to make the change, to do something different. The world doesn’t owe us anything. We have to create it.

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