F. No. S/43-10/2012 PSO JNCH Part IV

Date: 31.03.2017


Sub: Compilation of various Public Notices issued in relation to Direct Port Entry (DPE) Procedure; reg.

Attention of the Importers, Exporters, General Trade, Port Terminal Operator, Shipping Lines / Shipping Agents, CFSs coming under the jurisdiction of JNCH, Nhava Sheva and all other stakeholders is invited to various Public Notices issued from time in relation to Direct Port Entry (DPE) for smooth clearance of export consignments and to reduce dwell time of export.

2. There has been request from various stakeholders for issue of “compilation of such Public Notices issued in relation to Direct Port Entry (DPE) Procedure”. Accordingly, brief about each Public Notice is given below in tabular form:

Sr No Public Notice
No & date
1 Public Notice No. 52/2009 dated 06.08.2009 A new procedure for handling of factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers was prescribed, wherein, all the factory stuffed (including self sealed) export containers except of the exempted category were to be routed through the CFSs designated for handling of such containers from 01.10.2009. Exempted categories were:

(i)  Refrigerated Containers:

(ii) Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC): .

(iii) Motor Vehicles:

(iv) Perishable non-refrigerated cargo:

(v) Factory Stuffed Cargo of Exporters having Status

Certificate 100% EOUs and units of SEZs:

2 Public Notice no. 134/2016 dated 06. 10.2016 In addition to the five categories of the factory stuffed container prescribed vide Public Notice No. 52/2009 dated 06.08.2009, the factory stuffed Containers of all the Manufacturing entities were permitted direct entry into Port Terminal.
3 Public Notice No. 163/2016 dated 01.12.2016 Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plaza for Export & Import through NSCIT/NSIGT, GTI & JNPCT. (Detailed procedure separately for each Terminal)
4 Public Notice No. 174/2016 dated 15. 12.2016 Certain clarification about functioning of Parking Plazas:

i. Request for allowing clearances from Buffer Yard.

ii. Request that “Refrigerated Containers” & “Containers containing perishable goods” should be allowed direct port entry without “Let Export Order” as was the earlier system.

iii. Deployment of adequate number of officers in the “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plazas of respective Port Terminals on 24 X 7 basis.

5 Public Notice No. 03/2017, dated 09.01.2017 Clarification that it is reiterated that, in case Exporter intends to route containers, though entitled for DPE, through any of the CFS, there is no need to route those containers (given LEO at CFS) through Parking Plaza.

2. Guidelines is respect of following situations-

(i) Out of multiple containers, one container for any reason could not able to report at Parking Plaza and the shipment (LEO done at Parking Plaza) failed to catch the vessel. Also the next possible vessel is after 5-7 days, in such situation can Exporter move their containers to any CFS for storage of containers.

(ii) Exporter has a lot of containers for shipment and desired to send these containers to port. The vessel is expected to arrive after some days and Port gate is not open; in absence of buffer yard, either all trailers has to be kept waiting at Parking Plaza or has to be stored outside in private yard?

(iii) In cases when all trailers have entered in Parking Plaza and LEO is also granted, due to any reason (like Gate cut-off is pre-poned / advanced), the vessel is missed and next vessel may take about 5/7 days to arrive.

(iv) LEO done at one parking plaza (eg. JNP) but vessel changed the terminal for berthing (eg GTI). Is LEO to be done again at parking plaza of other terminal?

(v) Request that Refrigerated & Perishable containers be allowed to be moved directly into the Terminal and not through the Parking Plaza.

6 Public Notice No. 13/2017, dated 31.01.2017 Procedure for Manual “Let Export Order” in case of
prolonged system issues;
7 Public Notice No. 24/2017, dated 03.03.2017 Further procedure at Parking Plaza; Customs Gate Officer posted at Parking Plaza gate to verify the “container no., seal no. and the condition of the seal” & other checks.
8 Public Notice No. 25/2017, dated 03.03.2017 Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of “Document Processing Area” in the Parking Plaza and Gate Automation for Export & Import through JNPCT subsequent to commissioning of JNPCT ate Automation System (AGS).

Modified Public Notice No. 163/2016 dated 01.12.2016 in respect of JNPCT.

9 Public Notice No. 35/2017, dated 17.03.2017 Relaxation for export of Factory Stuffed / self sealed refrigerated container. It was clarified that as an interim measure, Customs will not insist for physical entry of “Refrigerated Containers” inside the parking plaza till further orders subject to procedure as prescribed in PN.

3. In case of any difficulty, the specific issue may be brought to the notice of Deputy / Assistant Commissioner in charge of Parking Plaza, NS-Gen. (Phone No- 022-27244866, email address:

4. This, issues with approval of the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH. Action to be taken in terms of decisions taken in this Public Notice should be considered as standing order for the purpose of officers and


Commissioner of Customs (NS-IV).


1. The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH for information.

2. The Chairman, JNPT / CEO GTI / CEO NSICT & NSIGT / CSLA.

3. The Pr. Commissioner of Customs, NS-1, JNCH

4. The Commissioner of Customs, NS-G/ NS-II / NS-III/ NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH

5. All Additional / Joint Commissioner of Customs, JNCH

6. All Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of Customs, JNCH

7. All Sections / Groups of NS-G, NS-I, NS-II / NS-III/ NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH

8. AC/DC, EDI for uploading on JNCH website immediately.

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