Circular No. 19/ 98-Cus.
dated 20/3/98

F.No. 605/114/97-DBK
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject : Facility for permitting imports under any DEPB Scheme at various Ports/Airports/ICDs through TRA procedure – Reg.

Please refer to Board’s Circular Nos. 10/97-Cus. dated 17.4.97, 28/97-Cus. dated 30.7.97 and 5/98-Cus. dated 23.1.98.

2.  Para 6 of Circular No. 10/97-Cus provided that, under DEPB Scheme, imports and exports can be undertaken only from the port of registration of the DEPB scrip. This condition was relaxed by issue of Circular No. 28/97-Cus., to permit imports from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai, for DEPB Scrips registered at any of these ports. Further relaxation for Hyderabad Airport and ICD was provided by issue of Circular No. 5/98-Cus. dated 23.1.98.

3. Representations have been received from various Exporter’s Organisations for general relaxation of TRA facility, under DEPB Scheme, to permit imports at all ports etc.

4.  The issue has been examined in the Board in regard to the expertise and facility of assessment available at various Ports/ Airports/ ICDs and it has been decided that the DEPB holders whose DEPB Scrips are registered at any of the following seaports/airports/ ICDs which are also specified in condition No. (iv) of Notion. No. 34/97 CUs. dated 7.4.97 (as amended) may be allowed to import goods at any of the following seaports/ airports /Ids :-

(i)    Sea-ports at Mumbai, Calcutta, Cochin, Kandla, Mangalore, Chennai, Nhava-Sheva & Vishakhapatnam.

(ii)    Airports at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

(iii)    ICDs at Bangalore & Delhi.

5.  This facility is only applicable to imports and not to exports. In respect of other ports, the DEPB holders must import at the same port where the DEPB book is registered.

6. The aforesaid facility will be operated by issue to Telegraphic Release Advise (TRA) from the port of registration to the Custom House at which the goods are being imported, indicating the details of description, value and quantity of the goods. The DEPB serial number, date of issue, and the extent of duty entitlement in the DEPB book/ scrip also must be indicated in the TRA, to facilitate imports against relevant DEPB scrips. The Custom House receiving the TRA will send details of imports to the Custom House issuing the TRA who will keep these details in the register.

(Sandeep Ahuja)
Under Secretary (Drawback)

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