Commercial Circular No. 19/2020

Dated : 21.04.2020

All Engineer-in-Chief/Chief Engineer (DS),
Under Punjab State Power Corporation Limited.
Memo No. 269-273/DB-139

Dated: 21.04.2020

Sub: Relief to the electricity consumers in the state of Punjab for mitigating the impact of of COVID-19

Ref: In continuation to this office CC no, 13/2020 dt. 23.03.2020, CC no. 14/2020 dt. 24.03.2020 and CC no. 16/2020 dt. 09.04.2020

Keeping in view the hardships faced by the people of Punjab on account of extension of curfew/lockdown up to 3rd May, 2020 and to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab has approved following relief measures for electricity consumers:

Due date of electricity bills of Domestic & Commercial consumers with current monthly/bimonthly bills up to Rs 10000 and all industrial consumers i.e. Small Power (SP), Medium Supply (MS) and Large Supply (LS) payable from 20th March, 2020 to 9th May 2020 is extended up to 10th May, 2020 without levy of fate payment surcharge.

Further 1% rebate will be given to all the Domestic, Commercial, SP, MS and LS industrial consumers on the amount deposited by them through online digital modes, between 21.4.2020 and 30.4.2020 against the current bills (with due date up to 10-5-2020) and/or previous arrears (if any). This 1% rebate will also be given to all the Domestic, Commercial, SP, MS and LS industrial consumers who make part payment of their current bills and/or part payment of arrears between 21.4.2020 and 30.4.2020. Further this 1% percent rebate will also be admissible to all the Domestic, Commercial, SP, MS and LS industrial consumers who have made advance payment of their bills. The rebate amount will be adjusted in the next bill.

It is clarified that no rebate as above shall be given against the payments made during 1.5.2020 to 10.5.2020.

Further it Is clarified that late payment surcharge as well as late payment interest as per General Conditions of Tariff shall be leviable if payments are not made by 10.5.2020 by Domestic, Commercial, SP, MS and LS industrial consumers having original or extended due date of bill up to 10-5-2020.

Other conditions of CC 16/2020 will remain unchanged.

Meticulous compliance of the above instructions may please be ensured.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

for CE/Commercial,
PSPCL, Patiala.

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