No. TC-II/2003/2016/refund   New Delhi, 10/11/2016

To Chief Commercial Managers All zonal Railways
Managing Director/CRIS/Chankyapuri/New  Delhi
Managing/Director/IRCTC/New Delhi

Sub: Revision in the procedure of cancellation and refund of value of Rs. 10,000/­ and above for the PRS counter tickets booked from 09.11.2016 to 11.11.2016.

Ministry of Railways desire that the procedure for cancellation of tickets and refund of value of Rs. 10,000/- and above for the PRS counter tickets booked from 09.11.2016 to 11.11.2016 shall be revised as under:-

(i). Cancellation of such tickets and refund of fare of value  Rs. 10,000/- and above shall NOT be allowed in cash or through green pay order or by any means involving cash across the counter. The payment shall be only through Cheque/ECS payment.

(ii) Such ticket may be refunded through filing of TDR only on surrendering of original ticket. TDR shall be filed within the prescribed time limit for cancellation of ticket across the counter as per Refund Rule g. TDR shall be filed only upto half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train for RAC/WL tickets and for confirmed tickets upto 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, for which ticket has been issued etc.,

(iii)  In such cases TDR and refund of fare as per refund rule shall be allowed for waitlisted tickets also only through Cheque/ECS

(iv) This shall be implemented with immediate effect.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance (Commercial) and Accounts Directorates of Ministry of Railways.

CRIS may make necessary changes in the software.

Ensure action accordingly and confirm.

(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board


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