Automated excel utility for calculating depreciation as per Companies Act,2013(Schedule II).
Features of the utility:
1.It can calculate individual asset WDV as on 01.04.2014 as well as current year depreciation.
2.It is useful for SLM method and only for other than specific industries (i,.e. for SME only)
3.Compatible in MS Office 2010 and upwards only.

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2 responses to “Utility to Calculate Depreciation as per Companies Act 2013”

  1. Dipendra Prasad Jaiswal says:

    what is the password to open in edited mode

  2. RegenesisIndustriesPrivatltd says:

    how to make calculation deprecation under companies act 2013

  3. Sanyami says:

    From where shall I download the updated sheet?

  4. Sanyami says:

    From where shall i download the updated working sheet??

  5. Saurabh says:

    The utiltiy has still some issues, please donot use .
    Promise to share the final corrected utility asap.

    Thanks for the patience.
    Saurabh Chokhra

  6. Shrivardhan says:

    Shall we debit the amount of Retained Earning to Profit & Loss account?

  7. Saurabh says:

    For any issue , please mail me at
    We have corrected some errors, still some errors may crept in such type of work , request you bring it my notice.


  8. Saurabh says:

    The earlier utility has been replaced by updated one . So , please download the same now once again

  9. srinivasan says:

    Sir, in sub-class other than computers it shows the items for building (in plant and machinery and furniture)

  10. Saurabh says:

    Please specify the errors , mail me at
    (This would work only in MS Office 2010 and above)

  11. Snehal says:

    Thanks Saurabh for this utility. This is extremely useful. However, there are some errors in the sheet apart from the “Computer” sheet. Request to rectify the same so that we have the maximum benefit of the utility

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