Draft Format of Letter of Appointment Company Secretary

Date: —————–





Subject: Appointment as Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of —————————— (“the Company”)

Kind Attention: —————-

We are pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors has appointed you as the Whole-Time Company Secretary of the Company. You are requested to join the service of the Company and contact the undersigned so that you may be introduced to the concerned persons before you start functioning.

With reference to your application and the subsequent personal interview you had with us, we hereby appoint you as the Company Secretary of ‘————————————-’ on the following terms and conditions:

1. You will be entitled to such amount of remuneration as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

2. You shall be allowed casual leave/sick leave/festival holidays, weekly off days and earned leave as per rules of the Company.

3. There will be a probation period of six months. During the probation period, if your performance is not found satisfactory, the Company shall have the option to terminate your services without serving any notice and you may also leave the service of the Company at twenty-four hours’ notice.

4. The Company may terminate your services even after the expiry of probation period without serving any notice, if Board of Directors of the Company believe that you are not performing your statutory and assigned duties properly and up to their satisfaction.

5. As a Company Secretary, you shall be responsible for:

  • complying with all the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the various Rules framed thereunder;
  • maintaining all the statutory and non-statutory essential registers, books, files, records, papers etc.;
  • preparing and filing with the Registrar of Companies and other concerned authorities the required forms, reports, returns, documents, papers etc. complete in all respects and within the prescribed periods; and

(d) for carrying out the instructions, directions and advice of the Board of Directors of the Company given to you from time to time.

6. You shall devote your whole time and attention to the work of the Company during your tenure as Company Secretary and shall work with due diligence and using your abilities to the best. You shall obey the orders of the Board of Directors of the Company. You shall promote the interest of the Company and shall faithfully serve the Company.

7. You shall not disclose to any unauthorized person during your employment as Company Secretary of the Company, any information obtained by you about the business and corporate policies, with special reference to the Company’s policy regarding the issue of rights shares, bonus shares, time and quantum of payment and/or declaration and payment of dividends from time to time.

We look forward to your association with us for our collective future growth.

The appointment letter is enclosed in duplicate. You are requested to sign the duplicate copy of the appointment letter in acknowledgement of your having accepted the said terms and conditions.

Thanking you,

For (The Company) 

Name: ————————————-

Designation: Managing Director and Chairman

DIN: —————-

Address: ———————————- 

I have read, understood and has agreed to the above terms and conditions of employment and as desired, I shall join service with effect from ——————– 

Name of CS: ——————-

Membership No.: ————

Address: ———————–

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