Alternate Director is appointed in place of a director who is temporarily unavailable/leave for a period of more than 3 months from INDIA. We can say that an Alternate Director is like a substitute for the original Director. The appointment of alternate director must be authorized by the Articles of the company otherwise we need to alter the Article first.


  • The Alternate Director has to vacate the office as and when the original Director returns to India.
  • The Alternate Director has to vacate the office, when the tenure of the Original Director expires.
  • If the tenure of the original director on whose behalf the alternate director is appointed is determined before he returns to India, the provision for the automatic re-appointment of a retiring director shall be applied to the original director and not to the Alternate Director.


  • The person proposed should not hold any office as Alternate Director of any other Original director in the Company.

For Example: If Mr. Rahul is appointed as an alternate director for Mr. Gaurav then Mr. Rahul cannot be appointed as an alternate director for any other director in the company.

  • The person proposed to be an Alternate Director should not be a director in the company.
  • Alternate Director and Original Director shall be counted as one for a minimum statutory limit of Public Company and Private Company.
  • Women Director can be appointed as an Alternate Director.
  • The proposed person can be appointed as an alternate director for an independent director only if he is qualified to be appointed as an independent director under the provisions of the Act.
  • Alternate Director can be appointed by passing a resolution in a Board Meeting or by Circulation.
  • Ensure that the proposed person shall not be disqualified under section 164 & 165 of the Companies Act, 2013


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  1. Ishan hirenbhai khatri says:

    If alternate director fails to attend Board meeting for 12 month and attract disqualification u/S 164 then original director can also be term as disqualified u/S 164???

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