CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti Kachhal

Sun is one, Moon is one,

Trick to pass any Exam is one.

God is one, this Earth is one.

Master Key to open Lock is one.

How to face any exam in life,

Always lies on One Rule guys.

Remember, lesson of the day on daily basis.

Read, next day’s lesson on advanced basis.

Why we all are irritating,

Why not regularly follow L.M.R.

L is learning, M Meditating,

R Recapitulation, as for us, nothing is bar.

Determine the Cost of your precious life,

Save the Tax & look at your divine, professional & dream life.

Do not waste time in Accounting irreverent matter,

Do the Audit of yourself, as you can do much better.

Other things revolving, around this basic Rule-of-Thumb,

Fate is nothing; it’s the grace of Parents, God & Holy Saints.

Listen to your inner voice, from time to time guys,

It’s one trick only to pass any exam in life.

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