prpri For those who couldn’t pass the exam this time For those who couldn’t pass the exam this time

Dear Student, for few seconds,
you just yourself, honestly analyze,
Think, what most for you, really the trigger,
giving pain you inside.

Is this the lack of time to do the studies during your articleship,
Or is this the lack of time to find time for controlling the entire – ship.
Just concentrate on your one-ship i.e. the boat where you are sitting,
And certainly you will get enough, for rest of your life-ship.

The Trigger, what was giving you the pain earlier,
The same trigger would now motivate you. to go further.
If financial crisis is the stopping factor, to go for further academic-ships
Then financial crisis can become the best trigger to get many scholarships.

The only one thing is required,
Take the complete control of whole of your studies.
And that too as per the same pattern,
As you do in case of physical stock verification & reconciliation analysis.

At the end of each month,
Just summarize book stock & physical stock, very skillfully & professionally.
That you have retained in your study book,
And physically in your brain and heart respectively.

Through self-analyzing both the columns,
Variations would certainly come out automatically.
And through re-analysis of the same,
Devote time for matching study material and brain ‘n’ heart activities naturally.

Know the real volume of your total syllabus,
With the help of subject-wise monthly cut off numbers,
And through controlling your mind focusing on your breath,
Do many more wonders, finding as if your own mind is yours “THE BEST FRIEND”.

Giving yourself the boost,
Through this trigger of zero variation of self-analysis process.
Pass your forthcoming exam,
With high esteem as per your available resources.

Do not cry that I am lacking this & I am lacking that,
Just positively say, “God has given me enough & I will do my best.”

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  1. Debjani Debnath says:

    Each and every word by you is inspiring! Any person from any field can derive the inspiration from these wonderful lines. It’s really so noble of you write and inspire young generation like this. Each line of this poem is meaningful and so true.

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