Corruption is in the human system from the ancient times. The first corruption happened when Adam on the advice of Satan disobeyed the Creator and ate the forbidden fruit of Eden. Corruption refers to the process in which a person makes a favor to another person expecting a favor in return. However, the term connotes an evil in the modern days as it has grown out-of-proportion to paralyze the fundamental right to life. Though the corruption occurs in several ways, bribery remains the most common of its kind. Corruption assumes different types ranging from the brainwash in the individual to the double standards adopted by the nations to safeguard their economies. The major avenues of corruption are discussed here.

Religion: The strife between the religions and among the different sections of the same religion is due to the corrupted minds of the religious leaders. Some religions try to fish in the troubled waters by instigating the members of other faiths to convert and follow them. Even liberal monetary assistance is given to entice the people.
Politics: In the past, corruption prevailed mostly in the political circles only. Kings used to gift lands and other valuables to another ruler seeking support for the former’s desire of expanding his kingdom. In the present world, corruption takes several routes like terrorism, assassination of the leaders, etc. One Asian country bribed a key person of a world organization to avert the changes in a vital council for shunning the entry of another Asian nation. Elections in many countries are won by manipulations of the system and perpetration of malpractices like rigging, distribution of cash and gifts to the voters, secret deals of the politicians, etc.
Administration: Undeserving people get recruited in many organizations through paying the bribes and manipulating the systems and procedures. Huge capitation fees and donations can buy the admission in many educational institutions. An agent provided fake documents and issued bogus insurance certificates in collusion with the concerned authorities for making quick bucks. Many ineligible persons get entry to the popular sports and games through favoritism and nepotism. The international sports and governing bodies are not exceptions to the play of dishonesty and corruption. Those responsible for the health management, right from the manufacturer to the dispenser of medicines and the doctors, resort to the corrupt methods for furthering their self-interest.
Family: The envious outsiders made a split in a business family by spreading rumors and enmity among the siblings. Even the earnest servants turn hostile against the boss when money changes hands. One greedy brother fabricated a will to claim his mother’s estate and cheat the other brothers. An unscrupulous man made huge money by engaging his unwilling wife in the prostitution. A son not only took the money from his loving mother by telling lies but failed to care for her.
Environment: Many MNCs indulge in camouflaging and marketing tactics to cover their environment-damaging methods and promote their business. Water, air and land are not only exploited but polluted by many industries by colluding with the corrupt administrators and people in power. Climate change and its consequences are already felt all over the world.
Though corruption done for the sake of public welfare is less condemned, it is an aberration from the righteous way only. The quantum of punishment might vary for the corruption, but necessary to uphold the values as the morality and standard of living are its casualties. Blaming-others needs to be replaced by the self-introspection to identify the root causes. Corruption takes place mainly due to the selfishness of the citizens who desire to get their wishes done by the quickest shortcuts without waiting for their turn to come. Unless this mindset of the people changes, corruption will stay here to ruin our life.
Mohan Thulasingam(Author Mohan Thulasingam is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on

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  1. Ram Babu B. Com says:

    Did not read the article as I have strong feeling that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop.

    whoever has money will get authority – power- respect. and vice versa i.e if you have authority you have money, if you have power you have money.

    In Other countries there is nothing good OR bad mean OR higher job. Do some job . Your social status is dependent on the money you through some contribution to the society.
    Whereas we want to earn through the means however anti social they may be. Whoever want to live/ earn only through meaningful ways you have to leave the country.
    Is n’t it…?

  2. Nem Singh says:

    The question that “Is It Possible To End The Corruption?” yes, but the question is who is corrupt? I think all are corrupt here the businessman, politician, professional, judges, ministers, bureaucrats, the middleman and all those who had power and Money want to win (purchase all at any cost to show the empire) all thinking about the history. So if they all are if become the honest then there will be no corruption.

    There are only 10% powerful people are honest but they are helpless …………….

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