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CA Priti KachhalWhat is net profit and what is net loss,

In our life, it’s a game of write off and write back.

Writing off your fears and writing back your cheers,

Will lead you building an automatic gear.

What is this gear.

It’s goodwill of the enterprise.

What is this goodwill,

It’s immovable faith in your venture that world relies.

What is this faith.

It’s unshakable, strong and upwarding reliance.

How to get this wonderful tool of reliance,

Flowing within audit trail & getting from the clients.

Writing off and saying good bye illegal acts,

Truly would tantamount to retained earnings.

Writing back & pursuing unwarranted illegal acts,

Certainly a loss – report through forensic auditing.

Now there is a question, what is the end output.

Answer comes to this, suddenly in our mind,

See! Powerful – superb leverage – effect.

Making you all, in all respect perfect.

Lawfully writing off depreciation,

Practically making us all understandable.

Saying, give weightage to unconditional love.

As you know,due to wear & tear, everything is perishable.

Now, at the end, I must write,

See positivity always in your life.

Writing back good deeds from time to time,

Live happily with the name of GOD ‘n’ survive.

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0 responses to “Profit & loss – A Game of Write off and Write back”

  1. Prakhar Gupta says:

    Nice lines with a lesson for life…

  2. NK AGARWAL says:


    Some time hard to move on but once we accepted , realized it was best decision which had made.

  3. Bharti says:

    Beautifully woven, inspiration and thoughtful amalgamation of material and mental balance.

  4. Ankur Jain says:

    Nice poem

  5. Saloni Aggarwal says:

    Beautiful interconnection of life with accounting concepts….

  6. Sujendra Zeet says:

    True lines about profit and loss model of’s inspiring ..people should know their purpose of living …for what accumulation and maximisation one is rushing for? People come n go meaningful living is what they leave behind for the reason they are remembered’s real merit n goodwill ….

    Thanks for sharing the poem…

  7. Ashish Dave says:

    Nice one to increase our inner strength…

  8. Nem Singh says:

    Nice poem dear Kachhal and understanding what is profit & Loss! Gog grace your more praise you more!

    “Practically making us all understandable.
    Saying, give weightage to unconditional love.”

    In the last for you “life is something that never understand the mind” and when mind co relate with soul then we understand the meaning of life.

  9. Saloni Aggarwal says:

    A good effort….

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