CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalHey! Do not get stressed,

Articleship is the next step.

Enter into this amazing ship,

Now, you’re eligible for this golden ship.

Start your ship,

Without any fail.

Learn, how to hold the grip,

Without any ambiguity, through numerous trails.

Become an artist, of Audit and Tax,

Develop your skill, in leadership as well.

Effective communication would shine, as an ornament in you,

Policy making & implementing would be, much easier for you.

Theory not complete, without practical dear,

Else, true understanding of the subject, would take many years.

Having completed your training, be superstar in every finance field,

Find multi avenues, standing, welcoming & giving, a high good yield.

Hey Article! Give new ways to CA fraternity,

You’ve been growing up technologically advanced, in the present modernity.

Promise yourself, that you will serve the society, with a sense of eternity,

It’s possible when let your ship sail, through articleship, artistically.

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