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Ok….So we all have heard this number of times that love what you do and do what you love…But tell me something how many of us are actually and practically doing it…?? Probably 4-5 % right..!! And what about the rest…?? The rest may equally be having the degree, the position, the name, and the money but still, you’ll get to know that they are not that much happy and contented with whatever they have. Why their life is restricted to Sunday’s only..?? What could be the reason behind this…??

Some of you might answer: because we don’t know our Passionwhich might be correct but before that there is also one thing which is lacking in all of us and that is Exploring. Many of us have become the slave of circumstances. We have given up on our routine life. For us, this is completely fine. People usually say madam we can not get everything we wish, so it is okay, at least we have a secured life, secured job. What else you need in today’s competitive life.

Well, this is the only reasons why many of us stopped exploring ourselves. Exploring the world around, exploring a new city, exploring the food is okay but are we exploring ourselves..?? Our we exploring our inner strengths ..?? How many of us have done a SWOT analysis of our own..??

The sad reality is we have restricted our comfort zone to the corporate job or the business we are doing. We have become so busy in making a perfect lifestyle that we forget living life. Why only our academic qualification define us when we are capable of more than that.

Don’t let this happen to you, please. Please stop harshening yourself this much. It is perfectly fine to not have any dream or passion in life. At least you can explore n no. of thing in life. Infect by having one goal and chasing to that goal only turn to be a disaster at times. Let something interesting that you could not dream of in your life happen to you. Don’t be so money-oriented. Don’t be so goal-oriented. Work to enhance the peace of life, not the lifestyle.

Lot of us are sometimes forced to make the important decisions very early in life and we are not even sure what we want to do because we have not explored ourselves.

If you really want to go somewhere in life then start exploring the things you have not done before. Sometimes the only and only way to discover what you want to do is to go ahead and taking risks with yourself, trying new ways of thinking and being, trying a new behavior, etc. You don’t know what opportunity the world will open tomorrow morning. Start exploring today, you will see life opens up in thousands of different ways. There are a million doorways which can open so many new avenues for you.

Life is all about experimenting on new things and doing that so fearlessly. You might not be good at one thing but you will be better and maybe the best in the other three but again you need to explore yourself and have to find out those three things.

So I conclude here by saying that make yourself happy and contented. Be Brave, explore new things, new areas, figure out what makes you happy and go do it boss. Life is waiting for you with opened arms just go and hug it tightly.

Stay Positive, Stay Connected …:)

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