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Finally election dates are declared and finally the confusion that was going in the mind about exams is also over. So, since the exam dates are extended, I observed three types of students around:

1. The over confident one:These are the students who stopped studying even before election announcement having a pre set notion in the mind that no matter what, exam dates will be extended. We have sources you know, they toh already told us, exams will be postponed.

2. Those who are thanking elections:These are the people who apparently thanking elections for extending their exams by thinking “Ab toh exams bh postpone ho gye, ek chhota sa break toh le hee skte hai yaar” and since the exams are postponed these students are planning to take a short, very short break… 😉 😉

3. Those who remain intact: These are the people who remained intact with the announcement. “Kya farak pdta hai ma’am, dene toh hai hee na”types students.

But I have a question for all of you … Exact 2 months before the exams where revision or reverse revision should have been started, does this question really matter..?? I mean at the stage where we you all should be dreaming about adding these two magical prefixes, we are loosing this zeal and enthusiasm…but why..??

At this stage you should plan your studies assuming that the exams will be held in May itself. 15 days extension shouldn’t really affect us na if we are determined to achieve it. In fact, treat it as an opportunity. Bring exam hall at home. Every alternate day set-aside 3 hours and solve old question paper by yourself.

Be it time management or solving difficult part or completing easier portion first. You’ll get to know your weaknesses, after all self-assessment is important.

Take break…celebrate festival but,but don’t forget to add colour into your life too. Holi toh har saal aayegi yaar but hmari life me exam ab dobara nh aana chaiyee… 🙂 🙂

So I’ll end this by writing this: “Ab jo bhi shola bann k pathar hai pighlana, ab jo bhi ho badal bann k parwat par hai chhana, aur ab jo bhi ho ab toh CA bann kar hai dikhlana 😛

Stay Positive, Stay Connected …:)


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