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Are you also one of those people who are losing their job due to this disastrous pandemic…..then join us in…………??  No, no I am not going to offer you any part-time job or something, neither I am here to console you or encourage you to go on strike against your employer because in the end, this is all a time waste. You will not be getting any positive feeling by doing all that infect financial distress might increase.

So what is the purpose of this reading…Why should we read your article…???

Well, because I am here to give you a different perspective about this whole senario…See I know we all are homebound. Forced to sit at home when we actually don’t want to. Some of us wanted to work from home though by thinking that it will be a relief… we’ll be finally able to work in pajamas … be able to eat whatever and whenever we want.… will be able to sleep a lot… etc. etc. But very soon we all have realized that boss this is not a vacation and assuming it as a vacation, in fact, was our biggest mistake. Pretty very soon our excitement has gone. As of now somewhere we all are afraid. Praying for our country and the world and especially praying for our own survival.

Forget about job security and financial independence, survival has become the major goal of everyone’s life. By survival, I mean both mental and financial survival. In this time probably on a daily basis, we come to know that people are suiciding because of mental and financial stress. Many unwanted thoughts are trespassing into the mind. Knowingly, unknowingly somewhere news, media, and even WhatsApp disturbing our peace of mind due to which we have started cribbing about the situation instead of focusing on solutions.

Now, talking about solutions many of you must have heard or read somewhere that people are motivating and encouraging to follow dreams or passion or maybe encouraging to start their own business kind of a thing. And you know under peer pressure people are actually doing it without analyzing its long term effect. Frankly, I am not against this even I genuinely respect their thinking. But I personally feel that starting your own business is something which you know should come from heart and mind after applying all possible pros and cons and after doing proper SWOT Analysis. Because your whole life can be dependent on this. If this goes wrong na then-boss I can bet you 90% of you will not able to think something like that in the future. Your confidence will go in vain I tell you.

Forget about this also, what about people who do know what their dreams are..??  I mean yes, let’s admit this some of you don’t even know about what you actually want from your life or what is something that we actually want to do.

You know what this is completely fine and it is perfectly okay to not have any dream and not working on them. Instead of feeling low about not having any dream or something start focusing on what you have right now with you this might include your knowledge, your experience, your capabilities, your confidence etc. and start gathering all of this in one direction. Do not fill your heart with society or social media pressure because everyone else is doing that.

At this time you should focus on three things namely:

1. Physical Health (kyuki jaan hai to jahan hai)

2. Mental Health (kyuki positive sochoge tbhi positive kar paoge)

3. Basic Financial Survival (Kyuki abhi sabse jyada woh hee jaruri hai)

Even if you lose your job then also your first step should be to find or do something which provides you immediate earning. Stop running out of your saving, in fact, find ways to create small savings. Stop cribbing about things instead try to spread positivity around you.

Not only you everyone is facing the same problem in some and the other way. Some express it and some work on it. Decide your path. Lead your path and create an impact.

With this note, this is me CS Aarti signing off with Love and Peace.

Stay Positive, Stay Connected 🙂

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