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CA Priti KachhalAS 1 discloses Accounting Policies,

2 is for Valuation of Inventories.

Cash Flow is there in AS 3,

AS 4 Post BS date, contingencies & events, the way one can treat.

Now we talk about for AS 5,

This tells us, how Prior Period & Extra Ordinary Items, disclosed & classified.

This also shows if there is a change in accounting policy,

What is the accounting treatment in order to frame brilliant galaxy.

AS 6 is for Depreciation Accounting,

AS 7 for Construction accounting.

AS 8, you know, stands withdrawn,

For Revenue recognisation AS 9 is known.

For Fixed Assets accounting

We come to the next AS 10.

To the effect of changes in foreign exchange rates.

AS 11 recognises in financial statements.

12 is for Government Grant Accounting,

AS 13 for Investment Accounting.

14 for Amalgamation Accounting,

AS 15 for employee benefits accounting.

AS 16 is prescribing, Treatment for Borrowing costs.

17 is establishing, Principles of Segment Reporting hence do not exhaust.

AS 18 speaks to us, About Related Party disclosures.

19 tells lessors & lessees, account appropriate policies & disclosures.

AS 20 comes with this ruling,

Principle to determine presenting Earning per Share.

& hence the performance from various angles,

Can effectively be measured & compared.

For consolidated Financial Statements you refer 21,

AS 22 deals accounting for Taxes on Income.

AS 23 plays a role in setting out principles,

Investment Accounting in Associates in Consolidated Financials.

AS 24 deals with Discounting Operations Reporting,

& 25 is for Interim Financial Reporting.

26 accounts for Intangible Assets not dealt in with other AS,

For Accounting Reporting of Interest in Joint Venture, no. 27 is next AS.

light is given by 28 for the Procedure for impairment of Assets,

29 is there for criterion as to provisions, Contingent Liabilities & Contingent Assets.

30, 31,32 are also in the rhythm,

All indirectly spreading messages, Set True Standards for Life SARGAM.

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