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CA Priti KachhalLife is not just copy and paste,

As per touchstone-test, it’s TRACES & UPGRADES.

Your destiny is ingrained in your hands dear,

Tasks, which not as per Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, do not bear.

TRACES stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis,

& Correction Enabling System.

With reference to life, it’s Task Reconciliation Analysis,

& Correction Enabling System.

TDS is deducted from the specified payments,

As per the provisions of the Act.

Task is added to/deducted from the God-gifts Statement,

As justified from account, of our past accumulated acts.

TDS CPC gives us the facility, for reconciliation of the tax.

God gives us an opportunity, for reconciliation of our acts.

Analysis is done, through downloading of the defaults.

Correct statement is filed, if default proved as fault.

In life, everyone rides, on this TRACES & UPGRADES swing,

And in between he/she finds many defaults & shortcomings.

The one who continuously upgrades while tracing the base,

Is definitely the winner in the life great race.

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