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Communication basically refers to the exchange of thoughts or information. Communication allows us to share our thoughts with those around us. Thus, we learn to communicate in the early stages of life, because building life in a social environment makes life without communication very difficult.

Communication can be done in several ways – through verbal or written actions. Since communication is a social activity, it also occurs in all areas of life. One of these layers is business communication.

Business communication refers to communication inside and outside the organization to achieve organizational goals. This is critical to the success of any type of business organization everywhere. No business organization can function properly for a long time without effective communication.

What are the 10 C’s of business communication For CA, CS And CMA?

For communication to be effective in the professional field, it must:

Clear – Must have clarity for any communication. This ensures that the message is not lost on its way from sender to receiver.

Correct – It goes without saying – the communication must be factually and grammatically right.

Concise – Being Concise basically means keeping communications short, because let’s be honest – no one has time in this world!

Courteous – If you don’t want to sound like someone who’s about to chop off a listener’s head, the best way to communicate is to be polite. After all, it reflects not only your professionalism but who you are as a person.

Concretely – Communication means communicating appropriately and talking about certain things. Unclear and generic messages result in zero answers.

10 C’s Of Business Communication For CA, CS And CMA

Caution – You don’t want someone to be desensitized to you even if it’s unintentional, so you don’t want to do that to anyone either. The consideration for the recipient reflects not only your professionalism, but also your personality.

Complete – “Hello, my name is …” Does that sentence make sense? Of course not! Therefore, you need to provide complete information so that the recipient understands what you are trying to convey. The complete message contains all the facts needed by the recipient.

Conversational – Do you want this 10C to feel like a monologue? I think (and I hope) your answer is no! Face-to-face communication makes it easy for the recipient to communicate freely with the sender, so talking while sticking to the topic is the way to go!

Coherent – “I’m calling you to book a flight because my seat is broken” Does that make sense? Of course not! So coherence means that your message must have logic.

Credible – “It’s not safe to fly because I saw pigs fly” Let me ask again, does that make sense? NO, NO! So you want the content of your communications to remain trustworthy.

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