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Self-awareness, a crucial element of emotional intelligence, is your ability to correctly identify your emotions and remember them when they arise. We use our self-awareness skills to sense our feelings and determine whether our needs are being met.

As you can imagine, this skill comes in handy almost every day, in almost every interaction we have. Even interaction with ourselves!

Of course, it takes a lot of self-respect to be successful, and a lack of self-respect will limit our potential. But if your self-confidence isn’t what you want it to be, can you develop self-confidence? Or is it set in stone?

To do this, you must start by figuring out what you are good at and what skills you need to develop. Once you understand your skills, you can learn to lead with your strengths and create the plan to get the skills you need to build.

5 Valuable Ways to Develop Confidence

The only way to instantly increase your emotional intelligence is to become more confident. Here are five ways to get started!

1. Know yourself:

It’s no surprise that to develop self-esteem, you also need to know yourself.

Take time in your schedule to figure out what makes you work. Think about what you are good at and what you need to work on.

Try this quick emotional intelligence test to get started. Take just five minutes and let yourself be sure how confident you are (a key component of your emotional intelligence!).

2. Meditate to practice mindfulness:

Practicing mindfulness can transform your life by helping you become more present. Take time each day to focus on what you are doing and living in the moment.

For more information on how to stay present and choose a mindful lifestyle, check out this post.

3. Keep a journal:

Journaling basically means thinking on paper – writing down whatever you can think of. Keeping a journal not only helps you measure your goals; it also helps you reflect more about your life.

4. Practice being an active listener:

When you become an effective listener is one of the most important skills you can have. Showing that you really listen to the other person has a huge impact on personal and professional relationships.

As you strengthen your active hearing, you will become more intuitive and confident. It’s true: not just you will be listener to others, you’ll also be better at listening to yourself.

5. Ask for feedback:

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from others! You can learn a lesson about yourself from anyone you meet. Find a trusted friend or mentor who will come to you for advice, feedback, or other helpful things.

Others often see things you don’t see in yourself, and their contributions can be invaluable. Don’t take feedback personally and focus on where you can improve instead of focusing on what you perceive to be shortcomings or weaknesses.

Without a doubt, self-esteem is a valuable skill that provides insight into how to build and maintain positive relationships. Use these five tips to help develop your self-confidence and see how it can improve your life, relationships, and even your attitude towards yourself.

Apply growth thinking to better understand your emotions and help you achieve your goals.


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  1. Bhuvi Kumar says:

    Beautiful post thank you so much for putting up this article. I read the entire post and really got to know so much from it the most important point here is to be focused and also disciplined in whatever we do as this brings perfection.

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