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GST on Air-Cooled condenser forming part of Waste to Energy plant

In re Enexio Power Cooling Solutions Private Limited (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh)

In re Enexio Power Cooling Solutions Private Limited (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh) Whether the Air-Cooled condenser to be supplied by the applicant to the buyer for use in the waste-to-energy project is classifiable as ‘parts for the manufacture of waste to energy plants/devices’, attracting 5% IGST or 2.5% CGST and 2.5% APGST? As ...

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GST on Biofos Mono /Di calcium phosphate animal feed supplement

In re Srivet Hatcheries (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh)

In re Srivet Hatcheries (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh) Biofos Mono calcium Phosphate/Di calcium phosphate animal feed supplement, HSN Code No: 23099090, is classifiable under exempted goods, notified vide the Entry No.102 of Notification No.02/2017, dated: 28th June 2017. FULL TEXT OF ORDER OF AUTHORITY OF ADVANCE RULING,(ANDHRA PRADESH) Note:...

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18% GST Payable on Springs & leaves for springs of iron and steel

In re Trailor Springs (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh)

In re Trailor Springs (GST AAR Andhra Pradesh) Clarification on Rate of tax applicable on trailor springs  ( Attachment) parts, Leaf Springs, Disks, Axels, Hubs & Shacke Pins mean for Tractor Trailors. The applicant sought for the rate of tax on the parts of tractor trailer including the leaf springs. In the other column they [&helli...

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GST on mobilization advance received against works contract services

Works contractors are still liable to pay GST on mobilization advance /any other advance received towards supply of a works contract services attracting GST....

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Interest in GST: Whether on Gross Output Tax or Net Tax Liability

The interest is being charged by the Department on gross tax liability which is the output tax and tax payable on reverse charge mechanism without deducting any input tax credit i.e. net tax liability. Many taxpayers are getting notices from the GST Department regarding late filing of return. The GST Department is adding interest liabilit...

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Non-filing of Part-B of E-way bill: HC orders release of goods on furnishing of security

New Shiva Transport Service Vs State of U.P. (Allahabad High Court)

As the complete details to be filled up in Part-B of the E-way Bill were supplied on 25.05.2018, the goods were not liable for seizure on 26.05.2018....

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How to reply GST Return scrutiny notice in Form GST ASMT-11

A. FAQs on Filing reply in Form GST ASMT-11 to the notice issued against scrutiny of Returns Q.1 When a Tax Official will conduct Scrutiny of Returns? Ans: In case, any discrepancy is found in return furnished by registered person on the basis of risk parameters or suo-moto, then Tax Official can issue a notice […]...

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Concept of Pure Agent under GST

As per Sec 2(5) of the CGST Act, 2017, agent means a person, including a factor, broker, commission agent, arhatia, del credere agent, an auctioneer or any other mercantile agent, by whatever name called, who carries on the business of supply or receipt of goods or services or both on behalf of another....

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GST Credit Notes A Double Edged Sword In GST Annual Returns

Issue of Credit notes is an age old practice in business environment. They are issued by supplier to buyer for the sales return transactions. In GST there will be a tax component in each & every taxable supply transaction. When there is a supply of goods or services, supplier is liable to pay GST on such transactions....

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Provisional Assessment and Release of Security under GST

A. FAQs on Provisional Assessment and Release of Security under GST Q. 1. What is Provisional Assessment? Ans: If taxpayer is unable to determine either the value or tax rate for the goods/ services dealt in, then he/ she can file an application for provisional assessment to the Tax Official. Q. 2. From where can […]...

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Goods and Services Tax India

The Goods and Services Tax or better known as GST is a Value added Tax and is a comprehensive indirect tax which is levied on the manufacture, consumption, and sale of goods and services. The Goods and Services Tax in India would replace all the indirect taxes which are levied today on goods and services by the Central and the State governments. GST is intended to be comprehensive for most of the goods and services. Goods and Services Tax is a single indirect tax for the entire nation, which would make India a unified market. It is proposed to be a single tax on supply of goods and services, from a manufacturer to the end consumer. The credit of all the input taxes which are paid at each and every stage would be allowed in the following stages of value addition that makes GST basically a tax on value addition only at every stage. The end consumer would have to bear only the Goods and Service Tax which is charged by the final dealer within the supply chain, together with all the set-off benefits availed at previous stages.

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