Articles Discusses Income Tax Benefits Available to Senior Citizens in India. A person becomes senior citizen under Income Tax Act in any year after attaining the age of 60 even for one day. Once he attains 60 years, his status as senior citizen in that financial year, gives him some relief. There are not many income tax exemptions available for senior citizens. These are listed below:

1. Higher Exemption Limit for Senior Citizens

From F.Y. 2011-12  Qualifying age for Senior Citizens has been reduced from 65 years to 60 years and from A.Y. 2015-16 exemption limit for Senior Citizens has been enhanced from Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000.  A new category of Very Senior Citizens, 80 years and above, has been created who will be eligible for a higher exemption limit of Rs. 5,00,000. Senior citizen above the age of 80 years are entitled to higher exemption Limit of Rs. 5,00,000 from A.Y. 2012-13.

​​Senior citizens and a very senior citizen are granted a higher exemption limit as compared to normal tax payers. Exemption limit is the quantum of income up to which a person is not liable to pay tax.


The exemption limit granted to senior citizen and very senior citizen for the financial year 2020-21 is as follows :

Senior citizen Very senior citizen
A senior citizen is granted a higher exemption limit compared to non-senior citizens. The exemption limit for the financial year 2020-21 available to a resident senior citizen is Rs. 3,00,000. The exemption limit for non-senior citizen is Rs. 2,50,000. Thus, it can be observed that an additional benefit of Rs. 50,000 in the form of higher exemption limit is available to a resident senior citizen as compared to normal tax payers. A very senior citizen is granted a higher exemption limit compared to others. The exemption limit for the financial year 2020-21 available to a resident very senior citizen is Rs. 5,00,000. The exemption limit for non-senior citizen is Rs. 2,50,000. Thus, it can be observed that an additional benefit of Rs. 2,50,000 in the form of higher exemption limit is available to a resident very senior citizen as compared to normal tax payers.

2. Reverse mortgage for senior citizens

Reverse mortgage’ – a concept introduced by Finance 2007 -provides that a senior citizen will be able to avail of monthly income streams by mortgaging a house owned by him.  For more details read the following article :- Reverse mortgage created under a scheme made and notified by the Central Government shall not be regarded as a transfer U/s. 2(47)

3. Tax benefits on medical insurance hiked for Senior Citizens

a. A senior citizen can avail of higher of higher deduction of Rs 50,000 u/s Section 80D  in respect of medical insurance premium for Financial Year 2019-20.

b. Further Senior Citizen can claim deduction of Rs 50,000 in aggregate in respect of medical expenditure incurred on the health of assessee, himself, his/her spouse or dependent children or parents. [This deduction is available if amount is paid for benefit of a senior citizen and no amount has been paid to effect or to keep in force an insurance on the health of such person.]

Aggregate deduction on a. or b. above cannot exceed Rs. 50000.

4. Deduction under Section 80TTB

Section 80TTB ​of the Income Tax law gives provisions relating to tax benefits available on account of interest income from deposits with banks or post office or co-operative banks of an amount upto Rs. 50,000 earned by the senior citizen (i.e., an individual of the age of 60 years or above). Interest earned on saving deposits and fixed deposit, both shall be eligible for deduction under this provision.

5. Relief from TDS under Section 194A

Section 194A of the Income Tax law gives corresponding provisions that no tax shall be deducted at source from payment of interest by bank or post-office or co-operative bank to a senior citizen up to Rs. 50,000. Therefor limit is to be computed for every bank individually.

6. Higher Deduction u/s 80DDB for Senior Citizens and Super Senior Citizens

Section 80DDB provides deduction to an assessee in case of expense on medical treatment of specified ailments. Generally this deduction is available upto Rs 40,000. However , if the patient is a senior citizen, then deduction of Rs 1,00,000 is allowable. Section 80DDB– Limit raised & waived condition of certificate

7. Senior Citizens not having Business Income Exempt From Advance tax payment :

​​​​​​​As per section 208, every person whose estimated tax liability for the year is Rs. 10,000 or more, shall pay his tax in advance, in the form of “advance tax”.

However, section 207 gives relief from payment of advance tax to a resident senior citizen (i.e., an individual of the age of 60 years or above during the relevant financial year). As per section 207 From Financial year 2012-13  resident senior citizen, not having any income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession”, shall not be liable to pay advance tax and such senior citizen shall be allowed to discharge his tax liability (other than TDS) by payment of self assessment tax.

8.  Senior citizens receive a higher interest (up to 50 bps) on a 5-year fixed deposit, which is eligible for deduction from the total income under Section 80C.

9.  Senior citizens can claim exemption on the tax deducted at source (TDS) on interest income earned on deposits. It can be done by submitting Form 15H under Section 197 of the IT Act.

10. Exemption from e-filing of income tax return to very senior citizen

Income-tax Act, 1961 provides no exemption to senior citizen or very senior citizen from filing of return of income. However, to provide relief to the senior citizens (whose age is 75 years or more) and to reduce the compliance burden on them, the Finance Act, 2021, has inserted a new Section 194P.

This provision requires a banking company to deduct tax under this provision if deductee is maintaining an account with it in which he is receiving his pension income. The tax is required to be deducted under this new provision if the recipient is a resident individual whose age is 75 years or more at any time during the year and the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) Total Income of the deductee consists only income in the nature of pension and interest received or receivable from any account maintained with deductor (such bank); and

b) Deductee has furnished a declaration to deductor containing prescribed particulars.

If the above conditions are satisfied, the deductor shall compute the income of deductee after giving effect to the deduction allowable under Chapter VI-A and rebate under Section 87A. Tax on such income is required to be deducted on the basis of rates in force.

If tax is deducted from the income of such senior-citizen, he shall not be liable to furnish the return of income for the previous year in which tax has been deducted.

Thing to Note

At what age a person will qualify as a senior citizen and very senior citizen under the Income-tax Law?

​​Before understanding the age criteria, it is very important to know that the tax benefits offered under the Income-tax Law to a senior citizen/very senior citizen are available only to resident senior citizen and resident very senior citizens. In other words, these benefits are not available to a non-resident even though he may be of higher age. The age and other criteria to qualify as a senior citizen and very senior citizen under the Income-tax Law are as follows :

Criteria for senior citizen Criteria for very senior citizen
Must be of the age of 60 years or above but less than 80 year at any time during the respective year. Must be of the age of 80 years or above at any time during the respective year.
Must be resident Must be resident
(Republished with amendments and compiled with Material Available on Income Tax Website)

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  1. pijush kanti sur says:

    I am a sr.citizen person and doing consultant service on hired basis. Whether any TDS require to be deducted from my fixed salary/remuneration?
    Awaiting for your response.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am a senoir citizen with income less than taxable limit. This year i am selling a plot bought in 1989 for Rs5000.(Hyderabad suburb)
    I would like to know how to arrive indexed cost. Also I am planning to invest in 54EC bonds.
    Awaiting your reply. Also your contact address as I will have to file returns to due to longterm capital gains.

  3. c s rao says:

    I am sr. citizen and my FY 2000-21 income were Rs.1,00,000.00. I have a capital gain income of Rs.6,00,000.00 in FY 2000-21. what is my payable tax in FY 2000-21. Which form I need to fill ITR1 or ITR2.

  4. venkat says:

    Last year (Ay 2020-21 I had a problem. as a very senior citizen (94 years old) I did not make advance payment. I wanted to pay april to July 2020. But due to covid19 the date for submission of i=ITR was postponed to October and then to December 2020 and alo 26AS was also delayed. I thoght I can also make total actual payable income tax also just before the submission of ITR and so paid only in Sep 2020. But It IT department while processing the ITR, charged me interest for “late” payment (later than 31st July 2020). of course I paid. Is the income tax depatment’s action valid?

  5. Seshadri kannan says:

    I am 92 yr 8 m. Not able to file online thru auditor.
    Can I file by post, and which officer? I am Chennai, thiruvanmiyur -retired central govt scientist

  6. Prakash Belapurkar says:

    For A.Y. 20-21, the date for filing IT return has been extended up to 30 November 20.
    I am a Senior Citizen and my Self Assessment tax liability is more than Rs 1 lakh. What is the last date for payment of SA tax in my case?
    Am I required to pay SA tax before 31 July 20 like other tax payers to avoid penal interest rate or being Sr. Citizen I can pay SA tax just before filing return in November 20 without penal rate of interest?

  7. K.Kameswara Rao says:

    Sir, On my retirement, from a private company, a portion of retirement benefit was deposited with LIC and since then, say 18 years, they are paying as small as ₹ 2000 per month. Can I claim this amount in salary account for claiming as Std. deduction? please reply

  8. R.K.CHARI says:

    I am a citizen of USA, I am 93 1/2 yrs. old. Myself & my wife (both born in India) are contemplating returning to India to live. I receive US Govt.pension and both of us receive a small social security paymt.We have a ROTH savings for each of us to the value of $437000.00, our other Mutual Fund savings add up to $834000.00 can you give a general idea of GofI tax burden to us. Thanks 7/15/2018 11:27 AM USA. Reply by email.

  9. APPARAO ADAPA says:

    Please tell us whether the amounts invested under
    ‘pradhan mantri vayo vandana yojana (UIN512G311V01) Plan NO.842 IS Eligible for deductions under — contributions to any pensions schemes. to reduce income or to reduce any tax liability

  10. subhashsinghnegi says:

    i am retired in december 2017 , will i be eligible for senior citizen benefits , while filing income tax return ? if answer is yes then under which clause or section?

  11. H H DESAI says:

    Sir I request to inform that now that as the exempted interest for Senior citizen is Rs 50,000, is it necessary for Senior citizen to submit 15 H form.

  12. Sudhakar says:

    Is standard deduction available for pensioner senior citizens for the financial year 2017-18 and 2018-19. If so what is the amount and can it be shown under sec 80C. Being a heart patient I am incurring nearly Rs 3500/- on medicines. Does this expenditure come under standard deduction

  13. V.V.Chandrasekharam says:

    I am a central Govt. Employee, retired in OCT-2017 and I am getting pension from Andhra Bank. At the time of retirement, no tax has been deducted from the employer at the time of retirement although ‘tax payable ‘ is there. Under which TAN I have to pay the tax. Please reply.

  14. Rakesh Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a senior citizen having taxable income (not from business) for AY 2018-19. Can you please confirm the date by which self assessment tax is required to be paid by me:

    (i) by 31.03.2018
    (ii) by last date of filing tax return
    (iii) any other date


    R K Gupta

  15. Asha jain says:

    my date of birth 11.09.1957 can I take benefits for seriior citizen in Assessment year 2018-19/ f.y. 2017-18 and in which retirement benefit show in assessment form

  16. P.V.Rao says:

    Excellent and informative to Super Senior Citizens, This should be made known to the Tax Officers who are in the habit of harassing the Super/Very senior citizens
    P.V.RAO Vizag

  17. Sankaran S says:

    Whether my deposit in tax saver FD for 5 years would fetch interest at normal rate or as applicable to Senior citizens ( I am 61 years old) 2. Whether the interest is payable only at the end of 5 years, cumulatively, or eligible to draw annually

  18. Ranbir Singh says:

    I am a senior citizen.
    I have sold my property and have earned long term capital gain on the sale.
    After buying LTCG bonds, I am to pay tax on the remaining amount. Since Senior citizens are exempt from paying advance tax, can I pay this entire tax as Self assessment tax at the time of filing my return.

  19. Harish Kumar Dogra says:

    Would intrest and penalty be levied on income of super senior citizen for AY 2015-2016 for non payment of tax and non filing of return ,having capital gain long term of about 25 lakhs

  20. Vitthal B. Gulawani says:

    my birth date is 20.07.1957, as i am eligible for senior citizen for the assesment year 2017-18 .

    Please reply


  21. surjya narayana sahu says:

    A Govt female employee date birth is 02/02/1957. she complete 60 years on 02/02/2017 can she get benefit under Senior Citizen slab for the financial year 2016-17. please suggestion

  22. S K Agarwal says:

    I m central government retired employee. I m living in rented house. Please tell the tax benefit. Further, I m not claiming any medical treatment amount from office. But we r spending on our medical checkups n medicines regularly as we v undergone heart surgery. Me n my wife. How much tax benefit I can claim. And please tell we v not claimed fr the last two years. Can we claim this year

  23. Prabhat Chandra Ray says:

    Please give me a detailed rules for calculating of income tax of monthly income scheme of post office regarding joint account holder

  24. RAVI SV says:

    Dear sir,
    i have resigned my previous job on 31st,July’16 ( same day i had completed the age of 60 years being my dob is 31.07.1956)., and worked with the present employee for 4.5 years, and previously had worked for 32 years with other companies., overall my experience with various was 37 years+., also i am getting pension of Rs1700/ per month from LIC thru previous employee.
    Now i like to know my SA with the just left employer is Rs 9.00 lakhs is taxable if i with draw 100% amount.
    please let me know asap.
    Ravi SV.

  25. SASTHAMANI says:

    Mr Singh, U can submit Form 15H ONLY WHEN you have -NIL- tax liability in a given year. Since U have annual income from 7 to 8 lacs, be sure of NIL liability before submitting Form 15H to Banks. 2. Yes it is OK if you deposit your tax before filing tax return.
    Sasthamani. 9727746266

  26. rahul mandoliya says:

    A senior citizen is a partner in a partnership firm & receiving share of profit from that firm & which is exempt in his hand us section 10(2A), he has capital gain income & income form other sources too,
    so would he be liable to pay interest u/s 234B & 234C?

  27. J Satyamurthy says:

    My income tax for FY 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 was deducted by the office under TDS but they have not filed any Returns to IT dept. However the tax is still shown as pending demand for the respective years by the IT dept. Is there any liability on my part, since the TDS was deducted by the authoritiy concerned and credited but returns not filed by them.

  28. Rajesh sharma says:

    iam army retirement in this year 43 thousand deduction please tellme how rebate saving & exp my age 70 year my pention 7 lakh with area iam capable Travelling allowance 1600 pm

  29. SRINIVASAN M says:



  30. P.S.Uchhana says:

    Sir, I filed ITR for AY 2011-2012 in July 2012, Date of Birth 01.01.1950 . Resident – taxable income Rs.5,05,396/-and paid Tax due of Rs.36,132/-, before due dt. An advance Tax of Rs. 22043/-paid on on 16.03.2011 have not been taken in account by ITO, where as this amount is reflected in Form 26AS. As a result I am getting dues notices with interest. Please help me how to get it rectify . I have written to Jurisdiction ITO,DEWAS -MADHYA PRADESH, and residing in New Delhi .Thanking you . P.S.UCHHANA

  31. T J B Rana says:

    I am 70 year of age. I work as a Housing Society Manager. I am paid Rs 25, 000 pm. Am I to pay income tax and is my employer to deduct any tax on my salary (TDS) ? Thanks.

  32. ranjan says:

    i am 64 years old and my mother is 80 years old
    i expend 45000 for medicine and others for my mother
    pls tell me how much medical tax benifit i get

  33. ABHAY says:

    I am a super senior citizen having age of 84 years. I have income only from my pension and small fixed deposits and MIS, which is less than 3,00,000 per year in total. I have never filed ITR because my salary or pension was always under income tax limit. I have PAN card. I want to know that I have PAN card then is it essential to file ITR for me although I am within the exempted limit

  34. H. K. CHHEDA says:


  35. V.M. Singh says:

    I am a Sr. Citizen and drawing Govt pension which is more than tax free limit ie Rs. 300000. Also having fixed deposit in bank.Hence my income is within seven to eight lacs. May I submit Form 15 H to bank to avoid TDS on bank interest. Since the Sr. Citizen is exempted from advance tax and hence can I deposit total income tax before filing the return of the financial year.I have no other income except above.

    V. M. Singh

  36. M b Rao says:

    I am a central govt. pensioner and a senior citizen since 1997 . My income tax in a.e 2009-10 was more than 10,000 . Was I liable to pay advance tax in fin. Year 2008-2009 ? Pl. reply to this query.

  37. Sriram says:

    Will a senior citizen be liable to pay advance tax when they are a partner in a firm and receive a salary as a partner? The total liability exceeds 8 lakhs…

  38. Dwarka Prasad says:

    One employee’s DOB is 01/04/1956 and retiring on 31.03.2016 on sixty years retirement age in Govt organisation. Please confirm as per Income Tax Rule whether the employee is entitle for the benefit of Sr.Citizen of 60 years or not as on 31.3.2016 for taxable income after 3.00 lakh or 2.50 lakh.
    Dwarka Prasad

  39. A Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a Sr.Citizen retired CPSU employee. I spent 45000/- on medical treatment of my wife & self in OPD and the entire amount has been reimbursed by my department. I have added this amount in my income. Plz. intimate How much deduction is allowed as exempt.
    A Kumar

  40. AKHIL GUPTA says:



  41. Nisha says:

    Dear Sir,
    My parents (age 70), both are doctors an owning a small nursing home. so what are the possible investment options which can give them tax benefits. Are PPF one of the good options.

  42. R.C. Godhwani says:

    The due date for filing IT Return for Asstt.Year 2015-16 is 31.08.2015. The tax works out to Rs.1,65,000/-. The TDS is Rs.1,10,000/-. I am a senior citizen. Please let me know whether interest u/s 234B will be payable?

  43. S.K.BOSE. says:

    Sir, Me & my wife both are Sr.Citizen of + 70 yrs. and Diabetics Patients. My wife is more serious patient with post surgical complications, we both have to spend over 10K per month on Medicines & Diagnostic checkup. Both of us have Med.ins with bank and pay 7K premium/ yr in case we are hospitalized. I have retd. long back & don’t have any pension, fully living on financial help from my 2 sons. My only asset is my Flat which I intend to sell & keep the money in FD & be free from my dependency on my children. The Flat will fetch around 1.5 Cr. in the present market value I expect, it is 20 yrs.old was purchased at around 7 lacs. only. Kindly guide me to plan my savings so that maximum monthly return will be available to me to meet our Med. and Food Expenses for a moderate living. The entire FD amount will go to my sons equally as per my Will.

  44. shiva says:

    I retired on 31-08-2014.My query is whether
    1.I am construed as senior citizen for FY 2014-2015 Assessment year 2015-2016
    2.Am I eligible for basic exemption limit of Rs.300000-Three lac only
    3.I had spent Rs.22000 for medical health checkup.Can I get exemption of 22000
    4.Can I give form-15h for my fixed deposits to the bank and make payment end of the year basing on interest paid by the Bank.
    5.My mother was a cancer patient who died on 06-04-2015 who was dependent on me,and therefore can I claim exemption of 1.00 lac under section 80dd
    Please reply urgently as I intend to file online return on my own for the first time
    Thanks and regards

  45. amit sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    my uncle DOB is 4/4/2015 and retired. For FY 2015-16, will we consider as senior citizen or normal employees for tax calculation.

  46. Ram says:


    My date of birth is 31-03-1956 (Thirty First March Nineteen Fifty Six).

    Am I considered a senior citizen for Income Tax purposes for the FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17)?

  47. Surendra Rathi says:

    Dear Sir,

    One of our employee DOB is 4/4/2015 and retired. For FY 2014-15, will we consider as senior citizen or normal employees for tax calculation.

    Surendra Rathi

  48. anita rai says:

    Sir my d.of birth is 8.8.1954 i retired from central government now when I get a pension pension department is deducting tax every month from April 2015 how can i save the tax i am a senior citizen which plan i should buy for tax relief and can i fixed amount for 5 years that can be relief from tax pl guide me thanks. Anita rai

  49. Devendra kaushik says:

    Please clarify that Income of the spouse who was in service till retirement will be treated separately as an individual.

  50. Upendra nath Bose says:

    My 19-09-1935. From which FY I shall be eligible to claim
    Super senior Income tax slab?
    Request an early feedback?
    With kind regards

  51. surinder malhotra says:

    I am thankful to you for your valuable advice Sir,I want to clear some doubts pe


    On investment in shape of F D in bank,one have six different accounts in

    different branches with different I D’s with same Pan No Say six accounts

    out of these six accounts in three accounts one have submitted 15H but in

    other three accounts bank have deducted tax at source say 10000/- Now one

    have to deposit total tax on his total income say 30000/-Please clear that

    he will have to deposit 20000/-or 30000/-
    With regards.

    Surinder Malhotra

  52. PRAKASH says:

    It is informed by my friends that from last year on wards, preventive medical check up without hospitalization is eligible for exemption up to certain limit. Can you confirm this please?

  53. CA Sunil Chandratre says:

    As Per amended provisions of advance tax payment by finance act 2012 the senior citizens are not required to make any payment of advance tax they can make payment of self assessment tax with out interest under section 234B and 234C and by same finance bill the senior citizen can give declaration u/s.197 in prescribed format though their income from interest is exceeding the basic exemption limit but his total income is below taxable limit or his tax liability is NIL

  54. Navin Talati says:

    Is there any provision for a Sr.Citizen that to make a regular TDS is not compulsory? – I mean, a Sr. Citizen can pay his total Tax after the end of the financial year – Is this true?
    If so, under which rule this benefit is given to Sr.Citizen and from when?
    Navin Talati / 30-04-2015

  55. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Dear Mr. Suridra Malhotra,
    Read Carefully the Form no: 15 H , where you have to state that ” my income will be below the taxable limit ” for the financial year 2014-2015, 2015-2016.
    If you submit 15 H , though you can get Tax waiver , Bank will not deduct tax from your Investment ( as fixed deposit ) , when you file tax return you have to claim as refund of Tax deducted form FDs, but Income Tax department will not give credit for TDS deducted by banks , besides you have violate the Income tax Rules and Act. Hench , beware of that.

  56. surinder malhotra says:

    I am sr citizen my d o b is 31/03/48 from my pension total income is 360000/=

    and from my interest income total income is approx 300000/=

    I am paying total tax after downloading 26 a s register at the time of filing

    return,and receiving refunds from I T deptt I am submitting 15 H to bank for not

    deducting tax at source Pl advice can I submit 15H to bank even if my total income

    is taxable.With regards, Surinder Malhotra.

  57. k k Sarawagi says:

    Dear Mr. Kanoi,

    Can sr. citizen furnish Form 15H to Bank to avoid TDS even if he is in the income group of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs.10 Lacs.

  58. TEJASH says:

    Dear sir,

    i have constructed new warehouse and i have warehouse rental income of 5 lac/annum after TDS, i am pensioner getting pension of 240000/year. the warehouse occupier is depositing the rent after deduction of 10% tds, what should do to save the income tax?

    to make a firm and cover some expenses like travel, telephone, security, repair etc.

    or receive rent as individual?



  59. Amar Dureja says:

    Dear Sir
    My date of birth is 24/12/1955, Can i request to my bank not to deduct TDS on interest earned from FDs For Financial year 2015-16.My income is from business.
    Warmth Regards AMAR

  60. H H Mohapatra says:

    I am 62 years of age and a Central govt pensioner. I am residing in a rented house as I have no house of my own. Please clarify as to 1. whether I can get rebate on rent paid? 2. How much interest is exempted from (a) saving bank A/c & (b) fixed deposit. Thanking you.

  61. KAMAL KLAPOOR says:

    Dear sir,

    What is exemption under 80-c for senior citizen ( male) under asstt.year 2015-16

    kamal chandra kapoor


  62. Ashok B Jadhav says:


  63. B.S.Negi says:

    Sir, My DOB is 27-2-1955.I will be 60 years old on 27-2-2015.Will I get tax benefit as senior Citizen in FY 2014-15.With regards,B.S.Negi

  64. deshmukh kishor damodar says:

    i am senior citizen [07-11-1954] and retired from govt service.after retirement i am working with one private firm as salaried person . now i am tax payer . pl let me know whether i am exempted from advance tax payment or otherwise ?

  65. Titan Sheikh says:

    I want to know a female senior citizen who pension holder with engage a business as a partner of Partnership firm & she has earned profit from firm,
    Should she be mandate or liable to pay Advance Income Tax ?
    Please suggest me…

    Thanks in Advance
    Titan Sheilkh

  66. Sanjay Shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 22/03/1955 and completing 60 years in coming March only (In current financial year) Will I be eligible for claiming benefit as senior citizen?? Please reply as early as possible so that I can calculate my tax liability accordingly


  67. Samir Kumar Das says:

    I was a Central Govt. employee and retired on 31/03/2014. My date of birth is 16/03/1954. Will I be considered as “Senior Citizen” for the AY 14-15 and eligible for tax rebate for 2,50,000.

  68. FARAH KHAN says:

    My father is a senior citizen and receives pension for which due tax is paid. He has availed the benefit under 80C from STDR in a bank. After 6 years he will receive a Rs. 20000 as interest. Is the interest taxable and if yes. is there any method to split the interest on yearly basis for income tax payment.

  69. S.Venkateshwarulu says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    If a Central Government official was given a service extension of 2 years that is from the age of 60 to 62 years, will he be treated as regular salaried person for income tax purpose or will he be treated as a senior citizen for the income tax calculations?

    Please clarify


  70. SampathKumar says:

    Iam 79 years old ,retired My individual annual income excluding gifts from son/daughter is less than Rs 2,50,000/ If such gifts are included the total may exceed the limit.Am I required to file IT Return

  71. venkat says:

    can claim exemption on the tax deducted at source (TDS)
    Is it not necessary for this concession to have NO taxable income. please clarify.
    even if you have taxable income can sc give 15 H form.

    It would be better if TDS is not deducted on income from deposits for senior citizens.

  72. kanaiyalal sohagia says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have sinor citizen and i have done medical treatment for brain during last year so in which coloum i examption for this medical treatment.

    Thanking you
    kanaiyalal sohagia

  73. lalitha hariharan says:


  74. J. Singh says:

    I am a salary paid sr citizen (13.6.1952) with no income from business or profession. I retired on 30.6.12. I received 4 month salary and 8 month pension during 2012-13 F.R.
    My employer deducted tax at source and deposited the same in time.
    I have a fixed deposit and the bank deducted tax at source @10% and deposited the same in time.
    I am to pay 9200/- as additional tax (self assessed tax) on account of the fixed deposit.
    I have not paid any advance tax on 15th Sept 12, 15th Dec 12
    and 15th March 2013.
    Pl let as how much interest I am required to pay on myself assesses tax amount of 9200/- if
    1. I deposit it by 31 May 2013
    2. I deposit it by 30 June 2013

  75. DEBABRATA DEY says:

    I am a retired senior citizen (DOB – 05.01.1951). I have retired from WBPDCL on 31.01.2011. I have no income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession”. However, in the FY 2012-13, I have income (interest/pension etc.) from other sources like, FD investments in bank (40 Lacs), MIS in Post Office (9 Lacs), one time investment in LICI (10 Lacs). I am also getting EPF/LICI Pensions. My income from other sources (bank/post office interest, LICI/EPS Pension) is Rs. 6, 49,090.00 in the FY 2012-13. I have paid yearly Mediclaim Premium Rs. 6,722.00 & yearly LICI Premiums Rs. 3, 637.00. What amount of Self Assessment Tax I have to pay to the IT Department (on line) prior to filing IT Return in July, 2013?

    The IT Expert may kindly calculate and mail me the details of calculation in this regard to my e-mail Id .

  76. DEBABRATA DEY says:

    I am a retired senior citizen (DOB – 05.01.1951). I have retired from WBPDCL on 31.01.2011. I have income (interest/pension) from other sources like FD investment in bank (40 lacs), MIS in Post Office (9 lacs), one time investment in LICI (1o lacs). I am also getting monthly EPF Pension. I have no income chargeable under the head “Profits and gains of business or profession”. My yearly income from other sources(bank/post office interest, LICI/EPS Pension) is Rs. 6, 49,090.00. I have paid mediclaim premium Rs. 6,722.00 & LICI premiums Rs. 3, 637.00. What amount of self assessment tax I have to pay prior to filing IT Return in July, 2013? Please mail me the details of calculation in this regard.

  77. Ramprasad says:

    i am a senior citizen and pl. let me know whether i am eligible for standard deduction. if so, what is the amount for the financial year 2012-2013.

  78. A Subramanyam says:

    I am attaining the status of senior citizen during the middle of this financial year ie 2013-14. Kindly let me know whether I can derive the benefit for the full year.

  79. GURDEV SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,

    Amount of Rs.1350/- TDS Payment of interest on Senior Citizen Saving Scheme was deducted by the Post Master Sector-20, Chandigarh Book adjustment through audit office Kapurthala for the year 2010-2011 vide their certifi9cate of DTS issued on 25 Aug 2011.The request of refund for Rs. 1350/- submitted to ITO Ward-5(3) Chandigarh on 30 Aug 2011/2011-12. The particular are as given ASK No: 702300811049740 ,Gurdev Singh, ,# 2145/3, Sector-45 C,Chandigarh PAN No : ACXPS2034D/ITR-I RRR/BIN : W)450311496/R00048,ITO WARD-5,(3) Chandigarh, My SBI Sector-30, Chandigarh Saving A/C No;10304711370. The refunmd of Rs. 1350- has not been refunded so far. Please look into the matter and reply as early as possible on my email ID: [email protected] Thanks.


    The honourable Finance Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram, does good to employees in service and to those retired from service whenever he plays the role of finance portfolio. Now he has done away the system of payment of advance tax for senior citizens from financial year 2012-2013, thereby avoiding the levy of penal interest. Now the senior citizens have to pay only self assessment tax. This is a great help the F.M. has done to the senior citizens. Shall I request the F.M. to consider another amendment to the payment of gratuity act 2010 making it applicable to all those retirees with effect from 1st January 2006, as the amendment was made applicable from May 2010 only for those retired from other than government service. If he does this help, a number of non-government pensioners retired from 1st January 2006 to 30th April 2010 will be greatly benefited.

  81. Lalit Bhatnagar says:

    My understanding is that exemption limit of Rs. 240,000, now increased to Rs. 250,000, is not available to NRIs, specially those having acquired citizenship of another country. They can claim only Rs. 160,000, the lowest for a male income tax payer. Would be higher for women.

    Please clarify.

  82. U R K Rao says:

    I am a US citizen living in US with pension income of about 5 lacs a year in India. I do not have any other income in India. I am 77 years old. What is my deduction as a senior citizen during FYI 2013-14.
    Thanks for your kind help.

    U R K RAO
    Louisville,CO 80027

  83. n.krishnamoorthy says:

    From FY 2012-13 onwards senior citizens are not required to pay advance tax. This is a significant facility because the Deptt cannot levy interest u/s.234B & 234C for failure to pay advance tax.

  84. K.P.SAGAR says:

    may i request you to kindly summarisethe benefits which can be availed by the senior citizen in a shape of synopsis, so that it can be published and give a wide publicity and the needy can use the same. pl. oblige me by doing so. thanks

  85. J.S.Sud says:

    One less headache for senior citizens is that they do not have to pay advance tax.They can pay it by self assessment prior to filing their return.

  86. [P.D.SHARMA.LL.B. says:


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