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EPS 95- Procedure to Apply Online for Higher Pension

February 23, 2023 660315 Views 162 comments Print

Learn how to apply online for a higher pension under EPS 95 following EPFOs latest guidelines from the 20.02.2023 circular. Step-by-step guide for eligible EPF members.

EPS 95- Higher Pension – Frequently Asked Questions

February 19, 2023 201762 Views 158 comments Print

The request for a higher pension should be made in Joint Option Form duly signed by both the employee and the employer The EPFO has not issued any standard Format. The organizations are providing Joint Option Form in its format.

EPS 95 – Higher Pension Vs EPF – Comparative Analysis

February 7, 2023 117297 Views 58 comments Print

Supreme Court allowed employees to opt for a higher pension within 4 months from the date of judgment i.e. on or before 3rd March 2023.

EPS -95- Eligibility For Higher Pension – Part-II

February 4, 2023 353727 Views 192 comments Print

Learn about the eligibility for higher pensions of EPFO, per latest Supreme Court judgements and clarifications issued by the EPFO. Eligibility for EPS-95 and compare it with the EPF for a higher pension.

EPS 95 Scheme – Eligibility For Higher Pension – Part-I

January 5, 2023 120414 Views 91 comments Print

1. The EPFO vide Circular dated 29 Dec 2022 lays down the eligibility criteria for employees seeking higher pensions under EPS 95 Scheme. The circular is issued to comply with the Supreme Court’s direction vide judgment pronounced on 04.11.2022 2. Para 44(ix) of the said judgment stipulated that the fund authorities shall implement the directives […]

Capital Gain Tax on Sale of Inherited Property

December 19, 2022 76152 Views 10 comments Print

In this article, an attempt has been made to simplify tax provisions on capital gain from the sale of Inherited Property with the help of Illustrations.

Tax Computation & ITR Schedules For Share Market Transactions

June 24, 2022 20781 Views 6 comments Print

In this article, an attempt has been made to further simplify the computation and adjustments of Share Market Transactions for Income Tax purposes. Let’s try to understand the computation with the help of Illustrations.

What to Do when TDS Not Reflected in Form 26AS

June 10, 2022 144357 Views 10 comments Print

Discover solutions when TDS doesn’t reflect in Form 26AS. Learn how to resolve Tax Credit Mismatch with reasons, corrective actions, and the taxpayer’s remedy. Explore the judicial stance, statutory provisions, and CBDT’s guidance. File grievances and ensure TDS credit rightfully.

How To File Salary TDS Return – Form 24Q

May 16, 2022 85554 Views 5 comments Print

The due date for filing TDS returns under Income Tax is nearing. The Deductors have sped up their process of filing TDS Returns and those who are yet to file them must do so before the last date. The due date to file Form 24Q for the 4th Quarter of FY 2021-22 is 31st May […]

Debt-Based Mutual Funds Reporting of Capital Gain in Income Tax Return

April 25, 2022 127917 Views 10 comments Print

1. Mutual Funds are one of the common and simplest avenues of investment for many of us. It is a mechanism for pooling money managed by a professional Fund Manager. For Income Tax purpose, Mutual fund investment can be broadly classified into three categories i.e. (a) Equity Oriented Funds (b) Debt Funds (c) Hybrid Funds […]

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