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HC allows Filing of GST Form TRAN-1 or TRAN-2 online/manually

R.R. Distributors Pvt. Ltd Vs Commissioner Of Central Tax, GST (Delhi High Court)

R.R. Distributors Pvt. Ltd Vs Commissioner Of Central Tax, GST (Delhi High Court) In our view, the non- filing of part 7B of table 7(a) and table 7(d) of TRAN-1 Form cannot impair the rights of the petitioner to claim transitional ITC, if he is otherwise eligible. This Court has observed in numerous decisions that […]...

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GST Saga on Health Care Services – Classification of various items used by Healthcare Industry

Introduction Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. The Indian Healthcare Industry is the largest producer for generics and now among of the major sectors with respect to revenue and to employment. The Pharma and Healthcare Industry has grown significantly and enjoys an important position in the global pharmace...

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Govt appoints 3 new officers as Members of CBDT

Notification No.12/3/2021-E0(SM-II) 27/05/2021

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of the following officers as Members, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT): (i) Ms. Anu J. Singh, IRS (IT:85034) (ii) Shri J.B. Mohapatra, IRS (IT:85031) (iii) Anuja Sarangi, IRS(IT:85053)...

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Faceless Assessment – A Step Way Forward or Way Backward | PART II

The principles of natural justice are based on the following rules: 1. Rule Against Bias — No one should be a judge in his own cause. 2. Justice should not only be done, but manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done. 3. The Rule Of Fair Hearing – Hear the Other Side 4. No […]...

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Delhi HC allows filing of rectified TRAN-1 Form & TRAN-2 Form subsequently

R. R. Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Vs Commissioner of Central Tax, GST (Delhi High Court)

R. R. Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Vs Commissioner of Central Tax (Delhi High Court) 1. The taxpayers were not provided sufficient time to upload the data in TRAN-2 Form. 2. On 4 th January, 2018, when the Petitioner attempted to load TRAN-2 Form, no time had been specified under the Rules, which could be deemed to […]...

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Delhi HC directs opening of GST portal to enable Trans 1 Filing

Super India Paper Product Vs Union of India (Delhi High Court)

Super India Paper Product Vs Union of India (Delhi High Court) 1. It is seen that since there is no effective mechanism provided for the revision/rectification of TRAN-1 Form, the Petitioners were forced to approach this Court under Article 226 of the Constitution. 2. There is no dispute as to the fact that the Petitioners […]...

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Twitter needs to stop beating around bush & comply with laws of land

Twitter needs to stop beating around the bush and comply with the laws of the land. Law making and policy formulations is the sole prerogative of the sovereign and Twitter is just a social media platform and it has no locus in dictating what should India’s legal policy framework should be....

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7 Myths & Facts on India’s Vaccination Process

Several myths on India’s Covid-19 vaccination program are doing the rounds. These myths are arising due to distorted statements, half truths and blatant lies. Member (Health) in NITI Aayog and Chair of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC) Dr Vinod Paul addresses these myths and gives out facts on...

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New Incentives for Businesses covered in PF to boost Employment

CA Madhur Zanwar Under: Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan 3.0 The salient features of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana are as under:  √ Government of India will provide subsidy for two years in respect of new employees engaged on or after 1st October, 2020 and upto 30th June, 2021 in establishments employing upto 1000 employee for two [&h...

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Donate And Save Tax!!

Giving is not just about making a Donation. It is about making a Difference. Swipe Right to know how you can save up on your taxes by making a donation. Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, provides for Deduction in respect of donations to certain funds, charitable institutions, etc. All assesses are eligible to […]...

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