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Notification: S.O.2215 Date of Issue: 15/3/1978

S.O.2215 (15/03/1978)

Notification: S.O.2215 (i) That the institution will maintain a separate account of the sums received by it for scientific research in the field of medical research. (ii) That the institution will furnish annual returns of its scientific research activities to the Council for each financial year by 15th May each year at the latest in suc...

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Notification: S.O.2043 Date of Issue: 15/3/1978

S.O.2043 (15/03/1978)

Notification: S.O.2043 Central Government hereby notifies "The Coimbatore Diocese Society" for the purpose of the said section for and from the assessment year(s) 1973-74....

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Notification: S.O.1972 Date of Issue: 15/3/1978

S.O.1972 (15/03/1978)

Notification: S.O.1972 (i) Armed Forces Benevolent Fund (ii) Special Fund for Reconstruction & Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen (iii) Armed Forces Re-Construction Fund (iv) India Gorkha Ex-Servicemen's Welfare Fund (v) Central Post War Re-settlement Fund (vi) Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (vii) War Bereaved & Disabled Servicemen Special Reli...

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Notification: S.O.1583 Date of Issue: 15/3/1978

S.O.1583 (15/03/1978)

Notification: S.O.1583 In continuation of this Department Notification No. 1236 dated 19-2-76, it is hereby notified for general information that the institution mentioned below has been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the prescribed authority for the purposes of clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 35 of the Inc...

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