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Increasing Authorized Share Capital- Procedure & FAQs

Meaning and Concept of Authorized Share Capital: ♦ As Per Section 2(8) of the Companies Act, 2013 ‘authorized capital’ or ‘nominal capital’ means such capital as is authorized by the memorandum of a company to be the maximum amount of share capital of the company. ♦ Therefore Authorized Share Capital is that ma...

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Section 68 Addition for share capital/premium invalid if opportunity of cross-examination of witness not given

ACIT Vs El Dorado Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Ahmedabad)

AO was duty bound to provide opportunity of cross-examination of witness, if he relied on statement of such witness to decide against assessee, particularly when it was demanded by assessee. Illegality crept in, the moment request for cross-examination was denied....

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Unlisted shares sold before 11.07.2014 eligible for benefit of short holding period

Mrs. Neelu Analjit Singh Vs The Addl. Commissioner of Income tax (ITAT Delhi)

The issue under consideration is Unlisted shares sold after holding for 23 months considered as Long Term Capital Gains or Short Term Capital Gains?...

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Income from sale of shares is Business income or Capital gains

This article is for better understanding of Treatment of Income from Sales of shares or other securities. Here I am explaining about the possibilities one can treat the income from sale of shares and what are the benefits of it. The article also comprises the corresponding guidelines from CBDT which are self explanatory and fiercest....

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Share Warrant & ESOP- Procedure of Issue & Taxation

Article explains what is Share Warrant and what is ESOP. It further explains to who Share Warrant and ESOP can be issued, Procedure for issue of Share Warrant and ESOP and Taxation of Share Warrant and ESOP. Share Warrant: What is Share Warrant? -Share warrant is an option issued by the company that gives the […]...

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Tax planning by conversion of stock in trade into capital asset

When a capital asset is converted into stock in trade then capital gain u/s 45(2) of Income Tax Act arises in the year of sale and not in the year of conversion. But in vice versa situation i.e conversion of stock in trade into capital asset there does not arise any capital gain. If an assessee is in the business of real estate and on clo...

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Method To Calculate FMV of Unquoted Shares

The fair market value of the shares= (i) as may be determined in accordance with such method as may be prescribed, or (ii) as may be substantiated by the company to the satisfaction of the Assessing Officer, based on the value, on the date of issue of shares...

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Summary of filings to Stock Exchanges under LODR for entity which listed its Equity Shares & NCDs / NCRPS

Summary of filings required to be made to Stock Exchanges under LODR for listed entity which has listed its specified securities, and either non-convertible debt securities (NCDs) or non-convertible redeemable preference shares (NCRPS) or both. Description Regulation No. Particulars Share Transfer Agent Regulation 7 (3) Compliance Certifi...

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ITAT deletes addition for share capital in case of Jagan Reddy Group Companies

M/s Janani Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Vs ACIT (ITAT Banglore)

M/s Janani Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Vs ACIT (ITAT Banglore) We have held that the sole basis of reopening of the assessment is the information received from the CBI. It is an undisputed fact that AO did not supply those materials to the assessee and also did not confront them with the assessee. Hence, we are […]...

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Should you exit TATA stocks with Cyrus Mistry…???

The exit of Cyrus Mistry from TATA group was not a crisis situation and wouldnt change the fundamentals of companies. The sudden removal of Mistry took the market by surprise and in the near-term, some volatility in Tata Group stocks was seen. It raises questions on the governance front too. ...

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