Trade Facility No. 7/2009-10

Dated 1-10-2009

The new centralized web based software application of CBEC under the name Automation of Centralized Excise and Service Tax (ACES) is likely to be introduced shortly. The details of the same can be accessed at http:// It is designed to provide you an electronic interface with the department and aims at reducing paper work, visit to the departmental offices and improving transparency, accountability and efficiency in indirect tax administration in India.

As some of the information provided in the ST-1 Form at the time of seeking registration may have changed, therefore, for ensuring that the proper registration database of Service Tax assessees, the following updated information is required to be correctly filled.

1. Telephone/fax number of the registered premises

2. Email/postal address of the service provider

3. Phone number of the proprietor/partner/director of the service provider firm.

All the service providers are requested to send the above required information along-with their six-monthly ST-3 Returns for the half year ending 30-9-2009.

All the Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industries are requested to bring the contents of this trade facility to the notice of the members of the association.

[Commissioner of Central Excise, Pune-III,

Trade Facility No. 7/2009-10, dated 1-10-2009]

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  1. ALOK DWIVEDI says:

    i am a insurance adviser & wants to register service tax. plz guide me.

  2. simla store says:

    please send me service tax no

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