Circular regarding selection for the posts of Indirect Tax Ombudsman at 7 specified stations

CIRCULAR [D.O. F.NO.A-12026/5/2011-AD.I], DATED 25-5-2011

You are aware that the Government of India has created 7 posts of Indirect Tax Ombudsman at 7 stations, viz., New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Lucknow under the Indirect Tax Ombudsman Guidelines, 2011. Selection for the posts of Indirect Tax Ombudsman in these locations is to be made.

2. The post of Indirect Tax Ombudsman is in the HAG + Pay Scale of Rs. 75,500-80,000. Relevant provisions regarding eligibility for consideration for the post of Indirect Tax Ombudsman are reproduced below from the Indirect Tax Ombudsman Guidelines, 2011 :‑

“3.II The Ombudsman selected shall be a person who has held a post in the Government of India in the HAG pay scale of Rs. 67,000 -79,000 on regular basis for at least one year or in a higher grade and shall preferably be a resident of the city where he/she is proposed to be appointed. He/she shall be a serving officer (as on the last date for receipt of applications which is 29-6-2011) preferably of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise). If a suitable officer from that service is not available, officers of equivalent grade of any other group ‘A’ service of the Central Government may be appointed as Ombudsman. When appointed as Ombudsman, the officer, if he/she is still in service under the Government of India, shall seek retirement from Government service before entering upon his office as an Indirect Tax Ombudsman”.

3. It is requested that names of suitable officers fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Indirect Tax Ombudsman Guidelines, 2011 indicating their preferred locations may be sent by 29-6-2011 to enable selection of  Indirect Tax Ombudsmen. In case no preference of loc,ations is indicated, it would be presumed that he/she is willing to be posted in any of the locations. The applications received after the due date will not be considered and are liable to be rejected. The nominations should be accompanied with Cadre clearance, History of postings, vigilance clearance and ACR dossiers.

4. You are also requested to inform the applicants that if they intend to withdraw their candidature for any reason, they may do so on or before 29-7-2011. In case they are considered and selected for appointment by the ACC, they should not decline the appointment. If they withdraw the application after 29-7-2011 or if they decline the appointment or if they do not join within 30 days of the order of appointment, they will not be considered for any further appointment outside their cadre for three years. They will also then be debarred for consideration for appointment outside the cadre and in any Autonomous Body/Statutory Body/Regulatory Body for a period of three years. No further notice in this regard will be given to them.

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