Notice No. 20210915-2 | Notice Date – 15 Sep 2021 | Category – Circulars Listed Companies | Segment – Debt |

Subject : XBRL based Compliance filings for Debt Listed Issuers


Dear Sir/ Madam,

This has a reference to SEBI vide its Circular SEBI/HO/DDHS/DDHS1/P/CIR/2021/572 dated June 04, 2021, wherein the listed Debt issuers are required to submit Record Date, Credit Rating, Interest Payment, Redemption Payment and Default History Information disclosures as per the prescribed format. The Exchange has introduced facility of filing of the same in XBRL mode.

In continuation to our efforts towards ease of compliance, Exchanges have put in place a common XBRL taxonomy for this purpose.

All the Listed Debt issuers are requested to submit the following in XBRL mode only:

  • Credit Rating,
  • Interest Payment,
  • Redemption Payment
  • Default History

Further all the listed Debt issuers are requested to file Record date details in XBRL mode in addition to the filing in PDF mode, till further notification.

Please note that the submission of Credit Rating, Interest Payment, Redemption Payment and Default History Information shall be submitted in XBRL mode only and any other mode of submission shall be treated as non-submission.

Please use following path to submit Record date details and xml file under Regulation 60

Listing Compliance – Corporate Announcement – Security Type (Debt/CP/MF) – Scrip Code – Category / Sub-Category (Compliance) – Record Date/Book Closure as per Regulation (60)

The Excel Utility for filing the respective modules in the prescribed Format in the XBRL mode has been made available in XBRL section of the Listing Centre as per following:

Sr. No. Reporting Modules XBRL file Name
1 Record Date (Regulation 60(2) of SEBI LODR) Regulation 60
2 Credit Rating Credit Rating for Centralized Database
3 Interest Payment Disclosure Interest Payment Status for Centralized Database
4 Redemption Payment Disclosure Redemption Payment Status for Centralized Database
5 Default History Information Default History Information for Centralized Database

BSE has provided an online real-time Helpdesk to assist Users with their XBRL filings – they may email queries if any to [email protected]  / [email protected] or call the Helpdesk on toll free number 1800 233 0445.

Abhijit Pai Shyam Bhagirath
Dy. General Manager Manager
Listing Compliance Listing Compliance

September 15, 2021

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