Ref : SE/10452
September 9, 1991


The Presidents/Executive Directors
of all recognised Stock Exchanges in India

Dear Sir,

Information in prescribed format

Please refer to our D.O. letter dated September 7, 1990 requesting you to send us information/data on the business done/major developments on the Stock Exchange on a daily basis in the format enclosed therewith. In this connection, it is observed that the information from several Stock Exchanges is not received on a regular basis and in some cases it is not in the prescribed format. The format for daily reporting has been simplified and a copy of the revised format is enclosed. You are requested to please arrange to send information /data in the enclosed format on a daily basis by Telex/fax preferably in the evening of the same day or by the morning of the following day. In this connection, a reference is also invited to a letter No. F.4/13/91-se dated June 19, 1991 addressed to all Stock Exchanges by the Ministry of Finance wherein they have been directed to furnish a daily report on volume of turnover in securities and related matters to SEBI in the format circulated by it.

In addition, in case there are any important developments at the Stock Exchange like payment problems, defaults in payment by member-brokers, suspension of member-brokers from trading, etc., the same may please be reported to SEBI separately on an urgent basis.

Yours faithfully,

(A. L. Bhatia)

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