"09 September 1991" Archive

SEBI : Monthly development report

Ref : SE/10453 (09/09/1991)

As you are aware SEBI has been, inter-alia, vested with the responsibilities relating to development and regulation of securities market and investor protection and advise Government on these matters. In order to perform these functions effectively, it is necessary that SEBI is kept apprised of various developments at the Stock Exchanges....

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SEBI : Information in prescribed format

Ref : SE/10452 (09/09/1991)

Please refer to our D.O. letter dated September 7, 1990 requesting you to send us information/data on the business done/major developments on the Stock Exchange on a daily basis in the format enclosed therewith. In this connection, it is observed that the information from several Stock Exchanges is not received on a regular basis and in s...

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