A campaign to oppose proposal of extension of Tax Audit date to 31st October (it should be  30th November)


The Hon’ble Finance Minister



1.It has been heard that many organisation has given representation to extend date of Tax Audit report under Income Tax Act till 31st October (including ICAI)

2.But we request you to consider following points and extend it till 30th November otherwise it will be a half hearted fruitless extension.

a. Recently the Government has extended the date of GSTR 1  till 31st October for the period  since 1st July 2017 to 30th September 2018 . As lakhs of dealer has to do a lot of accounting exercise to submit these pending returns properly.

b. Even those GST registered assessee who has filed their returns timely are facing serious problems due to non filling of GSTR1 by their suppliers. They are not able to make any provision for refund in financial statements as without reflection in GSTR 2A the authorities are not sanctioning refunds.

c. If after 31st October even suppliers do not file GSTR1 then the Income tax assessee will take final decision and has to create liability for such Input tax credit availed by him.

d.The October is full of festivals. In Gujarat there is holidays of school of  Appox. 9 days during Navratra celebrations. So normal working is very disturbed .In Bengal due to Durga pooja festival almost 10 days are non working.

e. Last date of TDS return filling for 2nd quarter is also 31st October.

f. As SME  and small units are not having full time chartered Accountants . They are totally dependent on practicing professionals. So how a small entrepreneur will meet so many deadlines in October.

g. This is the first Balance sheet after GST. Government is daily issuing circular/ notifications. It will take time to understand this new law. Further web site of GST also don’t work properly.

h. For ease of doing business it is necessary that tax compliance is easy for small entrepreneur.

i. Due to last date of Individual returns extended to 31st August, no work could be done by any assessee or professional towards Audits. So it is not possible to complete the Audits before 30th November.

j. Despite the instructions of the Delhi High court , Tax audit formats were made available quite late and till today there are continuous changes in Schema at website.

k.To protect the Revenue, the Government may levy the interest after 30th September. But imposing penalty and to force tax paying citizens to comply all deadlines in single month of October will be high injustice .

So we request you to extend it till 30th November.

(Submitted by Rajesh Bhauwala – rajeshbhauwala@gmail.com)

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38 responses to “Why Tax Audit due date should be extended to 30th November”

  1. krishnaswamysivakumar says:

    Extend upto at least 30th November 2018 because of gstr1 10th of every month, gstr3b 20th of every month, TDS returns apart from Tax audit

  2. R.D. surshette says:

    pl. extend tax audit due date on todya for two months for proper working & proper tax paid to government.

  3. Nafees Ahmed Shaikh says:

    Yes it should be till 30 november because all dealers are engage to final their GST credit first, gstr 1 is pending and dealers sont have clear view on their input credit, as the Gstr 1 due date is extenDed till 31.10 income tax due date should be 30.11.

  4. kandarp Buch says:

    due date must be extended but all beaurocrates & fm r working like dhrutrashtra even there r not.they r hitlers they only know how to collect taxes from d tax payers & how to use the same for their own facilities.but they don’t understand implementation of law & to solve d difficulties arising out of it.now family life is ruined by this govt.don’t do any business only file returns.still request to extend the due date up to 30.11.2018

  5. ghanshyam singh says:

    ye ekdam last me extend krege rule ho sakta hai abi b change kr de

  6. ghanshyam singh says:

    ye gov sirf roj roj rule change krti hai follow kaise ho isk liye ye log nhi sochte. date ekdam 30.09.18 ko extend krege

  7. anuj rawat says:

    ye gov to ekdam hitler hai hai sirf roj roj rule badalte hai follow kaise ho ye inhe nhi ata


    You rightly requested, the tax audit date must be extended till november. ICAI approached before analysing the situation and problems because it knows that the Govt will certainly extend till 31 Oct without any hassle. But the FM is very arrogant person and Govt is operating as Gundas.

  9. Amit says:

    Govt Should Wake up early & Issue Notification on Immediate Basis.

  10. Praveen Jain says:

    must extend 30th nov 2018

  11. NAGESH says:

    Totally justified request.
    Unless GST returns are finalised for which as the author rightly said due date is 30th October. That is in September GST return, we have to make corrections for the period july 17 to march 18. Until and Unless GST returns are finalised, it is not possible to conduct tax audit and submit audit report as well as return. The Government may honor our request, but if the same is not announced at the earliest, all the communities of business and profession will be in great mental pressure.

  12. Mohammad Aslam at Sitapur UP says:

    Sir.But who try cares for us?It is impossible for us to carry continuous works pressure in life But govt has no sympathy for us.Early announcement can give us some oxygen in our life. But who cares? for god i pray to government Please release it by extending due date up to 30-11-2018

  13. The Specialist says:

    The clarity on extension be made by the department concerned at the earliest, Last moment will be of no use

  14. Tinku Mishra says:

    Extend upto at least 30th November 2018

  15. Laxminarayan Bachewar says:

    Extend upto at least 30th November 2018.

  16. K.k.Shetty says:

    If extended till .30th Nov, then only it is justified.

  17. has ham makwani says:

    Gst lunch year very hard exercise verios report form that reason extended date tax auditions 18-18 a y

  18. Darshan Doshi says:

    Extend upto at least 30th November 2018.

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