Recently, on , assessee is compulsorily required to get its email ID and password registered. Further, maximum permissible usage of each of them is 4 times only. We know that most of the assessees in India do not have email ID. So, nowadays consultants have started to create additional email IDs. This takes substantial time and in future we have to remember those IDs and their passwords.

But the solution is found out. For example, I can use my email ID for thousand of accounts. Let us teach you how we can use Gmail Features to get the benefit of Multiple email accounts with one Gmail account. With our solution one email id can be used for  8192 (yes, Eight Thousand One Hundred and Ninety Two) assessees!!!

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Multiple Google Email Addresses – One Gmail Account

Google Gmail is a very slick, free email product. One Gmail feature that you may not be aware of is that multiple Google email addresses can be created from one Gmail account. These bonus email addresses are easy to create and manage and can take a few different forms.

Having multiple Gmail addresses can provide a range of uses including easily separating personal and business email and tracking incoming email from specific subscriptions and mailing list. There are three main methods for expanding the number of usable Google email addresses that you can have from a single Gmail account:

  1. Using the domain.
  2. Using the “dot” or period in your email name.

Using the “” Domain Name

Let’s start with the use of the domain name. With every Gmail account you actually get a second email address – one is the regular address while the second address has as the domain. So Gmail will actually see as the same as All email messages that are sent to will be delivered to your address.

Using a Dot or Period in the Email name

Another interesting facet of Gmail addresses is what is sometimes referred to as “Dot Blindness”. In an interesting twist Gmail does not recognize dots, ”.”or periods as characters in Google email address user names. This means that Gmail “sees” or as the same address as You can also use multiple “dots” in the username such as

The same “dot blindness” also applies to email addresses using the domain name with or being routed to the same Inbox as

If my email ID is, then gmail will consider or or as the same ID only. But at the same time, will consider all these IDs as different IDs, so you can use each of them 4 times.

To cross check, if your email ID is say and it is already used for 4 times, then you may now write as and check your account, you will get the email and now see the “To” address in that mail, it will be

But this benefit is available to Gmail users and only those domain users whose domain admin ignore .(dot) in the email ID.

Test these out for yourself and see what works best for you. All the variations below are from the same Google email account and will all end up in the Gmail Inbox:

Simplified Google Email Address Management

Having multiple Google email addresses is a useful tool for addressing a number of different email needs. The benefits of having a centralized email account that can easily process a number of different email addresses without having to go out and set up numerous new accounts with additional usernames and passwords can be a real plus. And they are all managed from a single Gmail account.

So, now enjoy the E-filing.

(Written by CA. Tejas K. Andharia, B. COM, F.C.A., D.I.S.A.(ICAI),  D.I.R.M.(ICAI), Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Email: with Inputs from CA Sandeep Kanoi)

Latest Update on above-One mobile number or email ID can now be used for 10 Income Tax Accounts

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  4. Rajat Dhuria says:

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    Income Tax site consider email with dots at diffrnt positions as same email-ID
    so no solution for this
    only is working

  6. Sahil says:


    Thanks for the solution….

    but from today i think this is not working… i tried…. if any updates u have for the solution pls let me know…

  7. s sudarshana says:

    The software experts of the income tax department will definitely see this loop hole and likely to plug it before 31/07/2014, the last date for filing of returns! I suggest people should file the return fast before it is too late!

  8. m.srinivasa rao says:

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    Great idea. Appreciation for sharing. Hope Dept.won’t come out with anything to nullify this.About contact number restriction?

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  14. Vidyadhar Swami says:

    No doubt a great innovation….. it solves a lot of troubles..


    Isn`t it counterfitting the basic reason for having an individual email ID and contact no, as envisaged by IT department, so that the department can send notifications directly to the assessees? In the recent past, department has sent several notices to the assessees by e-mail but they could not reach to the right person and intermediaries (Like CAs, TRPs and other professional return filers who actually received these notices in their inbox as they provided their own email ID at the time of filing returns of many assessees) did not care to hand over these notices to the concerned assessees. So the purpose was defeated.

    In such scenerio, it is imperative that return filers should provide correct E-mail ID and contact no. of assessees.

    Such technical innovations should be resorted only in the rarest of the rarest cases only.

    Hope this comment will not be taken in its negative aspect.


    thank u sir, for such meritorious innovation, specially very useful to tax professional, thanks once again

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    While filling E-Mail ID system does not allow to put + sign in mail ID

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    Thanks for the inputs. Will really help where in clients have extended families and taxation is being handled by one person.

    Thanks a Lot

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  26. CA. Tejas Andharia (Author of this article) says:

    The sign of Plus (+) is not allowed on e-filing website so the only possible way is to use dot (.)

  27. Jignesh says:

    The contact Number required should be 10 digit indian Number? and what if the person is non resident who lives abroad…?

  28. KALIPADA DEY says:

    This a fantastic idea. Now we can overcome the issue.

  29. CA Narendra says:

    Thank You for sharing very useful information and enhancing our Technical knowledge.

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    Amazing Tejas !! Wonderful info sharing. I tested all the options. And each option worked. Thank you for sharing this with all.


    Thanks for your Valuable inputs

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  33. akash says:

    but how to create these additional gmail accounts?? can u pls elaborate the technical procedure?

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    dot and + cant be used together
    that means the follwoing id is not working

  35. Janak V Dalal says:

    Still it is a great idea. Thanks a lot Mr. Andharia and Mr.Kanoi

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    A good article and informative and neutralises the need to have many email IDs by the same person for the purpose of filing e-return. As far as mobile numbers are concerned the problem rests!

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    But what about the contact number ?

  44. Ganesh says:

    Its worth to read this article thanks for sharing. But what about contact no.?

  45. Jaspal Singh says:

    I don’t think this is a great idea. If you got to change the email id’s, for once gig the actual details of the client and give communication address and phone as yours.

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