DO No. Dir. (Hqrs.)/Ch.(DT)/39(2)/2017
New Delhi, 14th November, 2017

Dear Pr. Chief Commissioner,
Ministry of Finance/Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes
North Block, New Delhi-110001

Tele : 23092648 & Telefax : 23092544

Sub.: Timely and proper redressal of Public Grievances (CPGRAM’s)

As you are aware, redressal of public grievances is one of the primary focus areas of the Government and it is being monitored at the highest level. Please recall that through video conferences and DO letters it has been impressed upon all the Pr. Chief Commissioners, Chief Commissioners / Director Generals and their subordinate officers to attend to these grievances on priority and to ensure resolution of pending grievances within 30 days. I have written DO letters to all the Pr. Chief Commissioners delineating the steps to be taken for expeditious resolution of the grievances.

2. However, in spite of all these efforts by the Board, it is a matter of concern that total pending grievances as on 13.11.2017 are as high as 1492. The age-wise pendency of grievances is reflected in the chart below:

Grievances Received from 1.1.17 Disposal from 1.1.17 Pendency as on 13/11/17 Pending 0 to 30 days Pending 31 to 60 days Pending 61 to 90 days Pending 91 to 180 days Pending 181 days & above 39244 40870 1492 980 316 116 79 1

3. It may be noted that the grievances pending between 30 to 60 days & 61 to 180 days are 316 & 195, respectively. This high pendency reflects poorly on the efforts made by the field officers.

4. A subject wise break-up of grievance shows that the major problem areas are as follows:

Grievance Category BF as on 01/01/2017 Received during 01/01/17 to Disposed during the Pending as on the 13/11/2017 13/11/17 period PAN / TAN Matters 267 8440 8448 259 Rectification Matters 450 4792 4943 299 Refund Matters 776 6246 6692 330

5. High receipt of CPGRAMS grievances indicates that the resolution of grievances under e-Nivaran is far from satisfactory. It has been the experience that grievance under CPGRAMS is filed after the resolution of the same grievance under e-Nivaran is not found satisfactory. Therefore, I would like you to ensure that all officers & Agencies under your jurisdiction are properly briefed so as to reduce the avenues of grievances.

Efforts should be made to strengthen the functioning of the ASK centres ensuring timely e-nivaran of grievances so that there is little or no need for public to resort to filing grievances on CPGRAMS.

With regards,

Yours Sincerely,
(Sushil Chandra)

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  1. Priyanka says:

    What does the grievance resolution “disposal of Grievance” mean? Is it that they are not going to do anything regarding the grievance.
    My grievance was for changing minor head from 300 to 400 for the remaining tax paid.
    I have checked in 26as form it has not been changed

  2. C.A. J.K.Agarwal says:

    Dak from ASK Centers to concerned Assessing Officer takes seven to 10 days. Then it is completely lost track, unless the aggrieved persons personally approaches the Ward officials for its disposal and then the normal approach of TAs

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