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CA Atul Modani


Dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji

I found this tweet of yours on 31st July 2017 and just couldn’t resist retweeting it at once.

Being a regular follower of your work due to continuous updation across domains of Media and a Modi supporter for all the good economic and social decisions, I am not having even a slightest of doubt regarding your abilities to take India forward in all spheres of developmental indices.

You are worth all the praise because of your dedication, vision, ability to work non-stop without taking any break from the work since the moment you was sworn in as PM.

Even Many Ministers & their ministry officials are working hard and interacting and solving problems/ queries of general public via mediums such as Twitter. Railway Ministry and Ministry of External affairs is at the service of citizens of this country 24/7 X 365 days. Hundreds of rail travelers keeps posting their grievances to Railway ministries & they are being taken care of on twitter as well as on field promptly. Reaction of complainant on twitter after solution is the proof for same.

Tax Collections are at all-time high, there is consistent growth in many economic indicators which suggests that the various tax payers are ably contributing for nation building by discharging their duties of tax payments. Tax Professionals are also contributing by doing their work of bridging the gap between Tax payer and tax departments by discharging professional duties in the changed scenario of digitalization of almost every departments’ processes and also educating the taxpayers about frequent changes in taxation laws in this fast paced era of economic reforms.

India, Biggest Growing economy since last 3 years, flurry of dynamic tax and economic reforms are taking place. GST the biggest economic reform since Independence has also been gone live after tug of war of 2 decades between Indian Political Parties which is flaunted as Good & simple tax by you as well as many across country.

Digital India initiative, Ease of doing business has been given widest possible importance by you, Demonetisation the biggest Black money clean up drive has also been a factor to increase the Income tax assesse base.

All these initiatives are welcome and being appreciated and supported by all across domain including Common man, Industry, Businesses, Tax Professionals, CAs and all leading Professional Institutions of the country.

However the IT infrastructure of Ministry of Finance seems to be facing a major bottleneck and is continuously giving trouble. The Ministry Interfaces particularly Income Tax Return efiling , GST migration and registrations & MCA Website have also given trouble in past/ facing trouble currently however no final solution seems to be in sight as yet which is a need of the hour to ensure Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas.

Migration/Registration work of GST, its deadlines, non-clarity on many legal issues under GST, delay in notification of Product wise GST rates, requirement of getting GST number to continue running business, numerous technical glitches of GST website has hampered work of Tax Payers as well as Tax professionals. Mandatory linking of Aadhar & PAN was also announced in rules by CBDT on 28th June 2017 only. These two issues literally paralyzed the working of many.

This year Income Tax Returns were well notified in time in first week of April, E filing Utilities were also made available then (As was directed by High Courts against various writ petitions across India against CBDT in 2015 when it released ITR and Tax Audit Forms and Return Filing Utility after a black out of over 4 months after start of assessment year) . However since 22nd July 2017, the E filing website was crashing continuously, there was a blackout for hours. Major problem was faced since 28th July 2017. The Website even gone for maintenance frequently during this period many times.

I am attaching few screenshots of the complaints of since 22nd July 2017 via Tweets regarding non-working of Income Tax E filing Website to twitter handles of Income Tax India, Ministry of Finance, Revenue Secretary etc. which were many in numbers however none of them have responded to any of these tweets. This sent anxiety, nervousness & worry across country because due to a likely co-ordination problems within Finance Ministry, thousands of Tax Payers and Tax Professionals faced the unnecessary problem of wastage of time, energy and over and above it, fear of legal hassles under various sections of Income Tax Act if a return is not filed before the due date prescribed under section 139.

Following are Tweets from 31st July i.e. last day of E Filing.

At 3.12 PM on 31st July 2017, CBDT finally via a tweet communicated that the due date of filing Income Tax returns is extended to 5th August 2017.

However the language of Press Release by CBDT which followed thereafter can be termed as unfortunate and unwarranted in the way that it blamed all the problems faced by Taxpayers for over a Week on them. There is sharp difference of vision and perception between your tweet and following press release by Ministry of Finance which co-incidentally happened on same day.

I will summarize below how the claim of CBDT in above Press release is factually incorrect.

1) The Taxpayers are consistently filing the Returns, the statistics on Income Tax Efiling website shows that number of IT Returns YOY June end has seen a growth of 15.52% in 2017.

2) The Month on Month trend in Return filing was improved this year and seen a growth rather than any deficit over last year.

3) Over 49 % of taxpayers those who filed return this year used Return filing Utility provided by Income Tax Department as claimed by department itself.

The Utility of department is mostly used by the individual taxpayers who file their own IT Returns rather than any tax professional / practitioner as it requires to import master information from E filing website via xml file when a new file is created. It proves time consuming and hence those who have number of client to serve use a software for IT Return filing than utility of department. Thus around 49 % of those who file return will log in to the site only once and not keep himself logged in as claimed by CBDT.

4) Over 85 % taxpayers (89% in Peak month of July) file their ITRs in ITR 1 – SAHAJ (For Individuals having Income from Salaries, one house property, other sources (Interest etc.) and having total income upto Rs.50 lakh) , ITR 4 – (For Individuals/HUF having income from a proprietary business or profession) or ITR 4S – For presumptive income from Business & Profession which are applicable for small taxpayers, even the data content in those ITRs is not that much so as to cause any load on a website so as to crash it. Even though E filing statistics for the month of July 2017 is not yet available on website, the number will surely not double than that of last year 1.26 Crores Income Tax Returns during the month of July (peak time & due date) .

Last year site did not faced any issues but CBDT on its own  because of bank strike on 29th & 31st July being Sunday extended the due date of filing Income Tax Return from 31st July 2016 to 5th August 2016 so that taxpayers can make the payment of self-assessment tax without inconvenience.

Thus looking at the high number of taxpayers who file returns for themselves mostly one or two in numbers using utility of department, 90% number of tax payer being small taxpayers not having any bulk data to transmit, Hence the second charge of CBDT against taxpayers that people those who have already logged in want to continue for the entire period for fear of losing it appears to be totally baseless looking at the above statistics.

5) Leading Business News Paper from the country The Economic Times reported as under in the evening of 30th July 2017 i.e. a day before due date.

Officials of CBDT gave interview to leading newspaper about smooth functioning of IT Efiling. But his claim that no major glitches were reported is questionable when thousands have tweeted difficulties to FinMin, ITD, many have e mailed so also lodged grievances on  If views of CBDT were correct and there were no problems in the site whatsoever, what stopped them from either responding to queries of taxpayers or officially publishing steps to overcome the problems faced via a press release?

Nobody wants extension, but if smooth functioning of website is not possible from CBDT then how can they suppose the taxpayers and tax professional complaining about nonfunctioning of Income Tax Website to discharge their duties within the time frame?

6) There are various issues/ penal provisions under income tax if a Return is not filed within the due date, prominent being as below

a) No loss shall be allowed to be carried forward under the head Business or Profession or under the head Capital Gain unless the return is filed within the due date as mentioned in section 139(1).

b) Interest Under Section 234 A & B is payable for tax payable

c) Return cannot be revised for any mistake

d) The Finance Bill, 2017 proposes to levy fees of Rs.5,000 in case where return is furnished after the due date but on or before 31St December of the relevant assessment year and Rs.10,000, in other cases under section 234 F. However, it is also proposed to restrict the fees to Rs.1,000, where the total income does not exceed five lakh rupees.

So no one will ever want to face above consequences by not filing return in time and wait until last moment. 


Until year 2014, CBDT used to print statistics about Peak rate of receipts of ITRs per minute/ hour/day which it discontinued thereafter. Following are the details of same

Thus we can see that IT Efiling website could sustain a load of 16.82 lakhs ITRs per day in 2014, this capacity surely might have increased because of continuous up gradation of technology. The CBDT official quoted in Economic Times that they have received over 2 Crores ITRs upto 30th July 2017. So we can sum up as below

(Note: Example only for the purpose of understanding arithmetic, actual uploads per day may differ)

The Avg per day ITRs filed in July 2017 turns out to be 5.23 lakhs well below load bearing capacity of 16.82 lakhs Peak ITRs per day hence allegations of CBDT regarding heavy load, panic and last minute rush does not hold good.

8) The Intentions of CBDT this year seemed to be more of meeting tax collection targets than ensuring smooth services to tax payers. Even they have not taken into consideration the horrific flood situation in many parts of country that took lives of over 400 Indians across states. Many representation were made by various organizations to extend the due date of filing return of income in view of total collapse of normal life in states of Guarat, Rajasthan, Assam, West Bengal etc. Hitherto CBDT used to suo moto extend the due date in case of natural or other calamities but this year they have not given any heed to the representations as well as on own to calamity of such an extent.

9) One of the main objectives of the computerization programme of IT Department as reflected in the judgment of Vaghjibhai Bishnoi v. Income Tax Officer and another reported in [2013] 36 371 (Gujarat) is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax administration and to ensure better enforcement of tax laws by ushering tax payer friendly regime. If the very computerization has caused genuine hardship to one and all concerned, CBDT ought to have paid heed to the repeated requests of all concerned in exercise of its statutory  powers.

It also quoted as below

“14….On the contrary, we are of the firm opinion that computerization in every Department is objected with a view to facilitate easy access to the assessee and make the system more viable and transparent. In the event of any shortcoming of software programme or any genuine mistake, the Department is expected to respond to such inadvertence spontaneously by rectifying the mistake and give corresponding relief to the assessee. Instead of that, even when it is being brought to the notice of the Department by the assessee, by a rectification application and  subsequent communication, not only it has chosen not to rectify the mistake, but, the lack of inter departmental coordination has driven the assessee to this Court for getting his legitimate due. This attitude for sure does not find favour with the Court, as more responsive and litigant centric system is expected; particularly in the era of computerization. Taxpayer friendly regime is promised in this electronic age. For want of necessary coordination between the two departments, the assessee cannot be expected to be sent from pillar to the post.

15.1 Thus, computerization of the Income Tax Department when has undergone the exercise of a comprehensive business process re-engineering, it is expected that Departments wish to herald Tax payers friendly regime becomes the A paradigm shift is programmed as tax payers population has been growing exponentially, ushering all the imperative changes and modernization of administration.

15.2 If the Centralized Processing Center meant for return processing, accounts, refund, storage of data etc. adds to the difficulties of the Tax payers, due to lack of distribution of work between back office and front office, and that too, after having been pointed out the actual error, a serious re-look is expected.”

10) Even the Hon Supreme Court in Uco Bank, Calcutta Vs. Commissioner of Income-tax, West Bengal -1999 held that  

the powers given to the Board are beneficial in nature to be exercised for proper administration of fiscal law so that undue hardship may not be caused to the taxpayers. The purpose is of just, proper and efficient management of the work of assessment and the public interest.

Sir, the above claims more or less repudiates the unfortunate wordings of CBDT press release issued on 31st July 2017 while extending the deadline of filing of Income Tax Returns.

The Purpose of this letter to you is not complaining regarding anyone. However taxpayer, tax professionals and tax practitioners wants ease and seamless functioning of the Infotech Infrastructure provided to them for discharging various obligations under the various taxation laws so as to fulfill the dream of .

I will summarize few of recommendations to overcome above drawbacks for maximum extent.

1) CBDT should start a dedicated Twitter Handle and a real time Grievance portal to respond to queries/issues of taxpayers/ tax professionals expeditiously just on the lines of Ministry of Railways.

2) As now deadlines are mostly to be followed either under Income Tax Act , GST or Companies Act which falls under a single minister only, it should be looked that deadlines under these acts should not overlap each other

3) The technological snags from the Website should be removed so that nobody faces any issue in future to ensure minimum government & maximum governance.

4) Various Departments require different versions of support software (e.g. Java) to be downloaded and installed which many times gives error of clashes amongst them, same may be streamlined and requirement of a single version across ministries may be thought off.

5) Major issue as of today is Linking of Aadhaar card with PAN , many are facing the issue of not able to link due to difference in name or date of birth and have to either submit application to CBDT or UIDAI to modify the detail to match the detail which is time consuming and should be removed. This needs simplification as aadhaar linking in case of net banking account does not give any errors. CBDT should ensure change in procedure as last date to link is 31st August 2017 and it is quoted by Revenue Secretary that PAN will be cancelled thereafter which will prove to be detrimental to the public interest as time taken by Aadhar information to get updated is 90 days as per its latest tweet. More co-ordination amongst different ministry officials is required to thrash out such pity and unwarranted issues.

I have written this letter directly to you and not to the ministry concerned as I know your team keep a close watch on each and every aspect reported to it and takes up the issue with concerned within a short span of time and takes it to conclusion. I will keep writing to you in future various aspects which will ensure giving thoughts for ease of doing business by simplifying the various aspects in taxation laws.

Assuring dedicated support in your motto #NATIONFIRST for making India a VishwaGuru and a small help to your dedicated effort of keeping pace with the speed at which India’s youth expects you to fulfil their dreams & aspirations.

Jay Hind.

CA Atul Modani

I have electronically sent the letter to PM on 4th August 2017 from website

Following is the confirmation of same. 


I am sharing the copy of the letter in public domain for the benefit of all the stakeholders at large. 

The Author is a practicing CA actively involved in writing articles and sharing taxation and legal updates across different modes of social media. He can be reached at

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  1. Deepak Dang says:

    Honorable PM is requested to go through the appeal of citizens. Systemic failure can’t be put on the shoulder of honest taxpayers. On 26th of July, 2017, I received a notice notice under sec143(1) only for difference of tax (Rs.-4/= ) and troublesome for citizens & cost to department & drain on revenue. As far as my memory goes any one of previous Govt. had decided not to collect tax if amount is less than Rs.5/=. If tax liability is Rs 5/= it will be collected Rs. 10/=. For any citizen who complied with the law, received duly signed TDS certificate & institutions filed wrong amount while total collected amount has been paid, Individual should be asked later on. On the hand Institutions are assessee in default be asked to confirm:
    1. All original investment detail received before issuing TDS certificate.
    2. Whether all TDS certificates issued & compliance of timeline under law & receipt kept digitally or on paper.
    3. The I. Tax department be asked about cost of each mail then Regd. Notices & labour cost.
    4. If total collectable & refundable u/s 143(1) has no significant difference then why any notice be prepared.
    5. Straightaway bulk SMS could be sent to submit copy of signed TDS certificate or add this amount in next advance payment.
    6. All Senior citizens will continued to be exempted from quarterly advance tax as per law.
    Uploading revised returns may again crash the portal. Indian Citizens have reposed confidence in the policies of present Govt. & made it strong in all states.
    Hon. PM, now it is your turn as a “Public Servant” of country. Citizen is king in democracy. My appeal is to avoid inconvenience to your own people. A lot of cases are pending in Hon. Tribunals, H.Cs. and Supreme Court. Even one stay from any H.C. may complicate simple issue. Total cost will be more than revenue. No recovery can be made without due process of law.

    Please fix bare minimum amount for waivement after looking at no of Assessees and amount refundable/ recoverable in a particular slab say upto Rs.25/= or less. likewise other slabs. Here no refund/no recovery policy will be issued. There will be no loss of any revenue.
    I rest the issue as a suggesstion.

    (Deepak Dang)

  2. Krishna Das says:

    Why deadline for PAN-Aadhar linking?
    Why PAN number should get deleted for honest taxpayers who are regularly paying tax?
    Returns won’t be processed is still reasonable which will anyway compel people to link PAN with Aadhar.


    Dear Adoniji,
    You have elaborately and excellently narrated all the hurdles experienced both by the individuals and tax professionals. Hope PMO will take positive steps to reduce the hurdles.

  4. S PRAKASH says:

    Sir, you have represented the subject with all the facts and figures. I had also sent the same in few words,but your detailed explanation is excellent.
    Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)
    Brought to you by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
    Government of India
    Lodge a Grievance
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    Grievance Status
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    Status as on 31 Jul 2017
    Registration Number : CBODT/E/2017/15954
    Name Of Complainant : s prakash
    Date of Receipt : 31 Jul 2017
    Received by : Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax)
    Officer name : Ambrish Kumar
    Officer Designation : Deputy Secretary
    Contact Address : D/o Revenue,Room No. 255,
    CBDT (HQ),North Block
    New Delhi110001
    Contact Number : 23095452
    e-mail :
    Grievance Description : Respected sir, To day is the last date for filing the Income Tax returns.But since 2 days the WEB site of the CBDT is not working, and the government expect the tax payers to be prompt in filing the returns. The matter was reported in Times of India, and officials of the CBDT responded that there is no major set back in the WEB, but it is 100% FALSE STATEMENT AND FAR FROM THE REALITY. The CBDT is very clever in giving such false statements and the statistics, this is the cause of the fall in the direct tax collections. Many times I have written to your good self to create an alternative body to oversee the working of the CBDT. Because of the GST migration and registration issues the professionals and the business community were held up and could not file the returns on time. More over even today also the GST WEB site is also not working because of the reasons not known to the tax payers, nor to the professionals. Under these circumstances I request your good self to kindly use your good office to set right all these issues and oblige.The Adhar linking is also not happening.As per your statistics displayed on the WEB site only 46% of the registered users have linked Adhar to PAN. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For Karnataka State Tax Practitioners Ass.,( Reg.,) S.Prakash, Hon’Secretary.

    DARPG Website || Contact Us || National Portal of India || Disclaimer
    ©2015 Designed, Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre .

    Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)
    Brought to you by Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
    Government of India
    Lodge a Grievance
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    Grievance Status
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    Status as on 31 Jul 2017
    Registration Number : PMOPG/E/2017/0411656
    Name Of Complainant : S PRAKASH
    Date of Receipt : 31 Jul 2017
    Received by : Prime Ministers Office
    Officer name : Shri Ambuj Sharma
    Officer Designation : Under Secretary (Public)
    Contact Address : Public Wing
    5th Floor, Rail Bhawan
    New Delhi110011
    Contact Number : 011-23386447
    e-mail :
    Grievance Description : Respected PM, To day is the last date for filing the Income Tax returns.But since 2 days the WEB site of the CBDT is not working, and the government expect the tax payers to be prompt in filing the returns. The matter was reported in Times of India, and officials of the CBDT responded that there is no major set back in the WEB, but it is 100% FALSE STATEMENT AND FAR FROM THE REALITY. The CBDT is very clever in giving such false statements and the statistics, this is the cause of the fall in the direct tax collections. Many times I have written to your good self to create an alternative body to oversee the working of the CBDT. Because of the GST migration and registration issues the professionals and the business community were held up and could not file the returns on time. More over even today also the GST WEB site is also not working because of the reasons not known to the tax payers, nor to the professionals. Under these circumstances I request your good self to kindly use your good office to set right all these issues and oblige. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For Karnataka State Tax Practitioners Ass.,( Reg.,) S.Prakash, Hon’Secretary.

    DARPG Website || Contact Us || National Portal of India || Disclaimer
    ©2015 Designed, Developed and hosted by National Informatics Centre .

  5. CA Sapna Lunawat says:

    This step and such guts were really needed sir. Someone had to present this someday. Thank you so much for this. Just expecting a positive response from such representation.

  6. Ramesh Kailasam says:

    This is NOT just the IT website only. Even the Dept of Revenue websites do NOT work all thru the day for Payment of Import Duty / Customs Duty. Probably, the entire system of Support for handling IT Infra at the Ministry of Finance needs enhancements and continuous monitoring and communication to Citizens.

  7. Nilesh Toshniwal says:

    Dear CA Atul Modaniji…
    I was very glad read the deeply thought and to the point contents of your letter.. and wish that PMO also goes thru it properly and consider it positively.
    If this letter is the joint efforts of your team.. I wished to be a part of your team. CA Nilesh Toshniwal.

  8. Saurabh Gupta says:

    While we file Form 15CA, the site doesn’t accept the form and display session expired error. Any solution to deal with sich errors

  9. Ca Neeraj Kumar says:

    I thankful to CA Atul to make such great effort to deliver our thoughts on present infrastructure available to us and related difficulties. It is my firm believe that volume of income tax efilling will increase just because of government effort and increase in awareness about the same to public in general.
    Therefore as government make there effort to increase the tax payer base, they will give attention to the difficulties pointed by CA Atul, based on believe that we are still living in a democratic country and our voice will listen.

  10. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Atul. Congrats for putting up the letter to the PM about the issues being faced by each asseessee in simple and effective words.
    Continue the good work.

  11. Vivek Sehgal says:

    I really appreciate the letter written by C.A. Atul to our Prime Minister giving correct facts about the problems and challenges being faced by the tax professionals. The professionals were deeply offended by the language of the notification giving reasons for extending the date of filing the Income Tax Return. I, hope that Prime Minister will look at all these problems and will address the same.

  12. Saurin Shah says:

    If this is the position of well-established income tax website which is also having an experience of years then it is but obvious that what will be the position of newly launched website of GST without any test run. It is seen that in GSTN even after lapse of one month only one or two modules are made available and people and their consultants are always kept on the edge.
    On 27.06.2017, GSTN chief Navin Kumar stated that “We’re very, very stressed; working 28 hours a day”. Thus, when it is such a position of GSTN who is having a big team of experienced and knowledgeable people duly supported by big IT service provider having a great standing all over the world, then it is but obvious that what will be the position of various suppliers and their consultant who do not possess such team. Does government wants to ensure that GSTN has been in stress and working for 28 hours a day and now it is the turn of general public to do the same and repay for deeds of GSTN ?
    Government is also required to remind the observation of Gujarat High Court who by order dated 29-09-2015 had extended the due date for tax audit/income tax return for AY 2015-16 from 30-09-2015 to 31-10-2015. Said order was given in Special Civil Application (SCA) 15075/2015 filed by All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants (AGFTC) vs Central Board of Direct Taxes and Others and therein it was stated that :-
    The Board while not extending the due date for filing return was also of the view that due date should not be extended just for the benefit of those who have remained lax till now for no valid reason in discharging their legal obligations. It may be noted that despite the fact that ordinarily the ITR Forms which should be prescribed and made available before the 1st of April of the assessment year, have in fact, been made available only on 7th August, 2015 and the assessees are given only seven weeks to file their tax returns. Therefore, laxity, if any, evidently is on the part of the authority which is responsible for the delay in making the utility for E-Filing the return being made available to the assessees. When the default lies at the end of the respondents, some grace could have been shown by the Board instead of taking a stand that such a trend may not be encouraged. Had it not been for the laxity on the part of the respondents in providing the utilities, there would not have been any cause for the petitioners to seek extension of the due date for filing tax returns.
    This year also assessee are made to comply with filing of returns of Service Tax, VAT, TDS and Income Tax in addition to audit reports at a short notice in addition to compliance of newly launched GST which is very confusing as evident from the flood of twits on official twitter accounts of GST and fact that practically returns are also not made available or same are taking too much time to upload in official website as on date.
    Let us hope that government in fact provides the ease of doing business instead of proving themselves GOEBBELS.
    May the wisdom prevail and government will consider the genuine difficulties of the ordinary people and address it properly by giving proper infrastructure and time for making various compliance by extending due dates wherever required instead of forcing people to go through stress and incurring expenses for approaching courts to get relief which they truly deserve.

  13. CA Ashish Vadodariya says:

    Atul Modani, i dont know whether it will make any difference to government or not but what you have done is a excellent job. i am also a CA so i can very well get the idea what hard work it need to prepare such kind of letter. every line of this letter was giving a wish to meet you. great work keep it up.

  14. CA Deepk Soni says:

    very very informative article. it has sucessfully exposed the tall claims of the CBDT and the Government of India.It has been very rightly observed that the CBDT is more interested in collecting the taxes and there is no concern for the difficulties faced by the tax payers. On one pretext or another CBDT will pas on the blames of any failure upon the tax payers and shall claim credit of any positive action.

  15. ca. santosh tandon says:

    Dear Atul Bhai
    Thank you very much for writing we all’s problem boldly.
    I also want to write to Modiji on various issues other than taxation.
    Thanks once again.

  16. S Balasubramanian says:

    I downloaded the XLS utility for ITR 2 on 28-7-2017, filled up the entire form on 28th itself and proceeded to upload the xml file. I got a response stating that “please download the latest version of utility as the present one was not valid”. The reason was also clear because in Schedule TDS2, year 2016 was not showing up in the relevant column but only 2015 appeared. I had to lodge a complaint in Feedback on the website itself. I have received no response so far.

  17. prahlad tanwani says:

    well said sir ! very nice explanation and analysis of the entire situation. i hope mr prime minister will definitely take some positive action in favour of all our tax practicising community, thanks.

  18. CA. Rishi Kapoor says:

    Atul ji, you have wonderfully communicated the very latest and common problem of all the taxpayers and professionals…Hope it gets sorted out soon!

    Would like to share here that I had also written a letter to Sh. Modi ji like this which was related to my personal EPF issue which was pending with the department for more than 5 years and to be a positive surprise it got sorted out within a week.

  19. Sudhir Parmar says:

    Dear Atulbhai, I thank you for raising voice on all our behalf in a justified manner against the unfriendly acts of our voted government. Modiji was considered as a person with profound knowledge of business stream having a practical approach in various aspects, that would certainly add growth to the nation, but the way he and his cabinet has been implementing the new regulations being a PM are really a very sad thing for all us citizens. Without the readiness of required infrastructure appeals are made to comply, how is it possible, esp. considering all those who (the assessees) are doing this for the first time. They feel like they did a mistake by becoming a part of the compliance system. I seriously feel your letter must help in improvising the things if taken by the Ministry in right sense. The concept of democracy seems to have got diluted over the years and today only the name has remained and powers enjoyed by political parties. Therefore, hope is the only thing we all citizens can keep with for a better and taxpayer friendly governance.

  20. MANOHAR CH L says:

    Excellent, explained issues in a crystal clear manner with proofs , hats off to you Sir, for the hard work you have gone through in collection of data,etc and even the way you presented t o our PM Modiji aswell . Thanks a lot you have expressed our man ki baat to PM Sir.

  21. Suresh S says:

    The biggest stumbling block to the progressive and people friendly policies of the government is the irresponsible ans unaccountable bureaucracy. Therefore, the political executive should see to it that the bureaucrats are made accountable and those who are lax and insensitive to concerns of the people are fired.

  22. uttam hathi says:

    tweets will work as twitter is not an Indian site, nor maintained as an Indian site. Wish details are disclosed who has designed the IT backbone of these critical sites including the university and university admission sites. It high time government consider these as critical to the economy and have a nodal technocrat based body.

  23. S.Seshadri says:

    On top of everything going haywire Call center numbers were just impossible to get.E filing has become a nightmare due to every year some hurdles being created by CBDT by change or other and they are oblivious to tax payers difficulties.should we run to High court each time for getting solutions ?

  24. CA Mitesh Patel says:

    It is indeed a great spirit and courage from your side by replying to the authority regarding what is incorrect.
    CBDT should take into the notice the real issue faced by the citizen and respond accordingly.

  25. Bankim Master says:

    Fantastic efforts taken by Shri Atul-ji. Well researched and well presented submission. A million thanks. I am sure the response will be speedy and just & fair.

  26. Kusum R H says:

    Hello Atul ji,
    You have aptly summarized the dilemmas and deliberations every tax professional has undergone during the past 10 days. I am sure every tax professional will resonate their trials and tribulations with your write up.

    I sincerely hope that the MoF will take cognisance of your inputs and under the able guidance of Hon’ble PM upgrade their infrastructure instead of squarely blaming tax payers and professionals for their own deficiencies.

    It is well known Chanakya Niti that Taxation should not be a painful process for the people. Government should collect taxes like a honeybee which sucks the right amount of honey from the flowers so that both can survive.

    In the past few days it was more like a bee sting. Hope this never recurs in the future.

    Kudos to you!

  27. CA Anand Partani says:

    AtulBhai, very well elaborated the problem faced by cCA , thanks for showing guts to write ModiJi, hope hPM Sirji will act immediately without any delay and explain in मन की बात

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