Advisory for migration-  The GST common portal would reopen for migration on 25th June 2017. Assessees are required to complete the migration process before 30th September 2017. DG Systems is constantly compiling the provisional Id requests and sending them to GSTN for creation of Provisional IDs and pursuing with GSTN for resolution of problems faced by registered taxpayers of Central Excise and Service Tax. DG Systems would keep disseminating the Provisional IDs as and when received from GSTN. Following advisory is issued  for the frequently faced problems related to GST Migration

Sr No. Issue Advisory
1 Provisional Id is awaited Assessee needs to send a request to to reactivate the cancelled Provisional ID and mention CE/ST registration number, provisional ID, PAN number, legal name as on PAN, trade name of assessee, state. DG Systemswill compile the list and send to GSTN for reactivation. The Provisional IDs would be distributed among assesses only after being provided by GSTN to DG Systems, CBEC.
2 RC cancelled Assessee needs to send a request to to reactivate the cancelled Provisional ID and mention the old Provisional ID issued earlier.
3 Centralised registrations: Provisional ID has not been
issued for al I the states.
PID will be issued to all addresses mentioned in Registration Certificate of CE orST. If all the premises are not mentioned in the ST2/RC, then RC needs to be amended to include all these premises. Assessee need to apply for fresh GST registration on after appointed date for those states which addresses are not added in RC of CE or ST. Same goes for new premises that would be set up anywhere else.
4 Unable to submit enrolment
form with Digital Signature
Assessee needs to complete the form and save it on ARN number of saved forms will be emailed to them after 15th June 2017 subject to validation of information supplied on GST common portal.
5 Provisional Id issued against wrong state /Assessee amended the state after the issuance of provisional Id Assessee needs to write to mentioning the state for which PID is required and mention CE/ST registration number, provisional ID, PAN number, legal name as on PAN, trade name of assessee, state. DG Systems will compile the list and send to GSTN for reactivation.
6 Provisional Id issued against a different registration number (e.g. PID issued against
AAAAAl234MST001 which is not in use instead of AAAAAl234MST002 which is used by assesse)
Assessee needs to check his jurisdiction for the registration number against which the PID is issued on www.easiest‑ -> assesssee code based search. Then apply to the concerned Range Superintendent to reset the password for the registration. Then access the old registration number and obtain the PID and password.

The Assessee then has to mention all his registered premises as additional premises in the enrolment form. The Provisional IDs and passwords are also circulated to all Chief Commissioners Offices for further dissemination.

7 Provisional Id activated by assesse but not completed migration byfilling up enrolment form. Assessee needs to complete the enrolment by completely filling up enrolment form and save it on ARN number of saved forms will be emailed to them after 15th June 2017 subject to validation of information supplied on GST common portal.
8 ‘No record found’ when
searched by RC/ ST2 number on under link “check registration status”
Search using PAN instead of registration number. Still, if the result is not found, please write to with all details such as registration number, PAN number, legal name as on PAN, business name, state forgeneration of PID.
9 Provisional Id is already mapped against a different user. Complaints needs to be registered with GSTN help desk on 0124-4688999 or

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16 responses to “9 Problems in GST Migration and Solution”

  1. GERARDUS MOL says:

    Persons Registered under VAT/Service Tax Laws Not liable to Register Under GST
    Information from CBEC website : Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Excise and Customs Notification No. 3 /2017 – Central Tax, New Delhi, 19th June, 2017 Rule 24 (see ad1) and FORM GST REG-29 (see ad 2) on the CBEC website:

    Rule 24, point 4: (4)
    Every person registered under any of the existing laws, who is not liable to be registered under the Act may, within a period of thirty days from the appointed day, at his option, submit an application electronically in FORM GST REG-29 at the common portal for the cancellation of registration granted to him and the proper officer shall, after conducting such enquiry as deemed fit, cancel the said registration. 2. Form GST REG-29 [See rule 24(4) ] on second to last page of the document.
    So, it is clear that we can cancel our provisional GST registration before 31st July 2017 because our annual turnover is less then 20 lakh per year.
    How to file form GST REG-29, to cancel our provisional GST registration, online?
    1. the common portal ” “, no option to file electronically this form GST REG-29.
    2. the site ” ” has no link where you can file form GST REG-29 online.

    Please, advice how to cancel our provisional GST registration online.

  2. H.S, Jayathirth says:

    Hiw ti get ARN

  3. H.S, Jayathirth says:

    We have submitted enrolment application . No acxknowlwdgement or ARN is received since 27.3.207. No proper reply from helpdesk. How to get ARN to enale us to get GSTIN

  4. Ankit says:

    Please find the process for GST Migration :

    Step 1: Logon to ACES portal using the existing ACES User ID and Password.

    Step 2: Either follow the link to obtain the Provisional ID and Password OR navigate using the Menu.

    Step 3: Make a note of the Provisional ID and password that is provided. In case a Provisional ID is not provided, please refer the Next Step section.

    The GST Common Portal has made available a manual on how to fill the Form-20. It is available on

    For more details or GST Migration issues. pls contact below

    CA Ankit Sachdeva
    ACA, B.COM


  5. Lokesh says:

    we are unable to migrate using the GST ID and password provided. we were told by the National GST helpdesk to submit a letter to give us new password to our local Commercial tax office and obtain acknowledgement of the letter for having submitted . Now we are kept in dark as we are not yet migrated to GST.What is the solution to this

  6. Sunil Kishanpuria says:

    we deals in food grains our product was exempted before now also our products are under 0 percent tax
    Should we also have to take the GST no
    what if our sales are interstate

  7. CA VISHAL GUPTA says:

    When will the regsitration of direct traders in gst wouls be started????

  8. G.C.Pramanik says:

    Sir, We have been filing IT return though DSC since long ,but we never faced any problems ,unlike GST,
    sir GST software should have made in such a way that a lay man can do

  9. K p m Babudeen says:

    For vat dealers what is the solution

  10. Dhaval says:

    No reply is coming for 2nd point after email.

  11. Gangadhara C says:

    please tell m about validation error ? for VAT Dealers…….

    • MANIKYALARAO says:

      Please enter name as per PAN Database

      To know the database information, Select ITNS 280 and provide the required information.

  12. Veerabhadra says:

    Sir we are registered a new company under value added tax but still we did not receive the provisional id for GST, any problems appears for migration? Please give the suggestion for that

  13. neha lakhmani says:

    please tell m about validation error ?

  14. VINAY GARG says:


    This is only for Central Excise & Service Tax Registered Assessess but what about VAT dealers those are facing same problems.

  15. CA. S.C.Podder says:

    Problem in migration solution !!!

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